What kind of poison did the Borgia family prepare from the guts of a pig (cm)?

What kind of poison did the Borgia family prepare from the guts of a pig (cm)?

  • The Borgia are generally known poisoners. Some recipes for their poisons, it seems, have not yet been disclosed, as well as their participation in some high-profile poisonings of that time. In general, the ideal poison is one that cannot be detected. This does not apply to this poison - just dried pork entrails, poured into powder, abundantly sprinkled with arsenic, were very similar to expensive and then scarce sugar. Poisoned by poison cantarella usually died in a day.

    Answer: cantarella.

  • Legend has it that this is cantarella, but there is no evidence that the Borgia actually used the poison. All these legends appeared due to the fact that their contemporaries could not otherwise explain the successful coming to power of the Borgia.

    Lucretia Borgia is considered the main poisoner, but if she had such a strong poison, then why waste so much time and effort to divorce Giovanni Sforza instead of simply poisoning him? The death of Prince Jem, too, is sometimes attributed to the poison of the Borgia, but why, in this case, the Borgia did not receive a reward from the Turks, who for many years could not get rid of such a threat?

    You can read about the debunking of such myths in the book by Raphael Sabatini "The Life of Cesare Borgia".

  • Not an easy question, even though the number of letters is known. To begin with, not everyone knows the name of this old Spanish family - Borja. There are two known popes of this family and a number of cardinals. Since the history of the genus of modernity has been known since the 12th century, it is obvious that the answer to this question is not one hundred percent fact. Nevertheless, it is believed that some representatives of this family prepared the poison cantarella from the guts of a pig.

    By the way, the genus ended its existence in the 18th century.

  • It is not clear why the Borgia family went down in history as a family of sinister poisoners, because no one disdained poisons in those days. Probably, the sad fame for the Florentines was entrenched after several very noisy and successful poisonings, or maybe it was just rumors specially spread by the Borgia themselves, aimed at intimidating rivals. History attributes the creation of this deadly poison to the mother of Cesare Borgia, by the way, a Roman by birth. This poison is called CANTARELLA. But about Lucrezia Borgia they say that she used poison brought from South America, probably some kind of curare.

    What kind of poison did the Borgia family prepare from the guts of a pig (cm)?

  • The correct answer to this question Cantarella... This poison during the Middle Ages was considered one of the strongest poisons and it was used, i.e., they poisoned the objectionable not only in the Borgia family, but also other influential and crowned families.

  • Of course, it would be much more interesting to talk about the Borgia family itself. These are the most famous poisoners in history. But, unfortunately, the question was asked about something else, the name of a specific poison is required.

    This poison is called cantarella.

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