Is a beautiful face an expressive face?

Is a beautiful face an expressive face?

  • I believe that a person in which all the details are harmoniously combined with each other can be called beautiful. A person may have a beautiful lip shape, a beautiful nose, eyes, but when you look at all this together, the face may turn out to be unpleasant.

  • In short, a beautiful face is a well-groomed face. In general, in order to achieve a good result, not so much is needed as it might seem at first. First, you need to get used to regularity in taking care of yourself (because the matter is not at all in the amount of various creams that we apply, namely the regularity of their use). Every morning it is better to wash your face with a cleanser, then apply additional products (for eye care, lips, and then be sure to moisturize. In the evening, repeat all the same. And then) the most important thing is to use the mask 2 or 3 times a week.

  • Beauty is not the truth. Beauty is emotion. What causes the feeling of beauty? Yes, someone like. For someone, the inner light is important, for someone, so that this face turns only to him. I even know a person who likes his lady even more because no one else likes her. He's so comfortable.

    A girl worked with me, well, just like Pushkin's Princess Swan. Those who saw her for the first time were speechless. But it was worth talking for a day, and let go. All emotions of a person are aimed at refusing to work, from additional work, from his own, from "putting the kettle on", from answering a call.

    It sits like an icon, a beautiful infection, but well, it's on ...

    He may not have answered the question, he was probably frightened of the "terrible power" ...

  • I believe that the beauty of the face is more dependent on the look. No wonder they say, a happy woman = a beautiful woman. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. When eyes are burning with happiness and the desire to enjoy life, then a person attracts to himself, and everyone sees him beautiful, regardless of external data.


    Some of the great artists of our time said that there is no more interesting surface on Earth than a human face.

    And indeed, how intently we, people peer into this "surface", into the face of a person, looking in nm for echoes of our thoughts, feelings and hopes.

    How many people do we know of popular actors, for example, who do not differ in the correctness of their features, but attract us and make us admire again and again.

    Because a pulsating, soulful thought colors these faces with extraordinary beauty.

    Cosmetics, make-up, of course, are not excluded, but they remain only an auxiliary means for the beauty of the absolute, which is thinking process.

  • Not. These are two different concepts. An expressive face isn't necessarily pretty. But it certainly attracts the eye. And at the same time, a pretty face may not express anything at all. There is such a thing as empty beauty. Here, for example, is a sample of empty beauty -

    Is a beautiful face an expressive face?

    But, for example, an example of an expressive face -

    Is a beautiful face an expressive face?

  • A pretty face is not a face that is adorned with makeup. In the moment, this is a face with regular features and very open eyes. So open and kind that they make a person unusually attractive. I would like to meet and communicate with him. And in the process of communication, you will finally understand if you are not mistaken, thinking that he is very handsome. Sometimes a few phrases said and an open smile make a person very beautiful, so beautiful that you just fall in love with him forever.

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