Who celebrates the name-day and Angel Day on 8 January?

Who celebrates the name-day and Angel Day on 8 January?

  • According to the Orthodox Imenosov

    8 January Angel Day celebrate

    men with names

    • Evarest (pleasant, pleasing) - in honor of the Reverend Ewares
    • Euthymius, Efim (benevolent) - in honor of the martyr Euthymius, Bishop of Sardis
    • Konstantin (permanent, steadfast, firm) - in honor of the Monk Constantine of Sinadsky
    • Constance (variant of the name Constantine) - in honor of the Holy Martyr Constantine the Russian

    Nominees 8 January celebrate

    the Orthodox

    • Alexander
    • Dmitriy
    • Gregory
    • Anfisa
    • Konstantin
    • Michael
    • Maria
    • Leonid
    • Joseph
    • Yefim
    • Isaac
    • David
    • Macarius

    among Catholics

    • Abo
    • Severin
    • Apollinaris
    • Lucian
    • Gudula
    • Pega
    • Thorfinn
  • the name day for this day was presented by a great many new martyrs. among them - Augusta, Agrippina, Alexander, Anfisa, Vasily, Gregory, Dmitry, Isaac, Leonid, Maria, Mikhail, Nikolay.

    of the traditional saints, the name day is celebrated on January 8 by Efim, Constantine

  • Birthday people on January 8: Alexander, Anfisa, David, Dmitry, Gregory, Efim, Constantine, Maria, Vasily, Joseph, Leonid, Mikhail, Nikolai, Isaac.

    The name Alexander means protector of people. January 8 - Alexander (Volkov), martyr, priest.

    The name Anfisa means blooming. January 8 - Anfisa (Sysoeva), Monk Martyr.

    The name Vasily means regal.

    The name Gregory means vigilant and awake. January 8 - Gregory (Serbarinov), Hieromartyr, Archpriest.

    The name Dmitry is dedicated to the goddess of fertility Demeter. January 8 - Demetrius (Chistoserdov), Hieromartyr, Archpriest.

    The name Efim means pious and complacent. January 8 - Hieromartyr Euthymius, Bishop of Sardis.

    The name David means beloved.

    The name Joseph is God multiply.

    The name Isaac means laugh and laugh. January 8 - Isaac of Optina (Bobrikov), Hieromartyr, Archimandrite.

    The name Constantine means constant and persistent. January 8 - Venerable Constantine of Sinadsky.

    The name Leonidas means like a lion. On this day Leonid (Antoshchenko), Hieromartyr, Bishop, Mari.

    The name Mary means bitter, beloved and stubborn. January 8 - Maria (Laktionova), Monk Martyr.

    The name Michael means like God. January 8 - Mikhail (Smirnov), Hieromartyr, Deacon.

    The name Nikolai means the winner of the nations. January 8 - Nicholas (Zalessky), holy martyr, priest.

  • On January 8, Efim, Stepan, Konstantin and Maria, as well as such interesting names as Anfisa and Evarest, will become birthday people.

    in Western Europe the name day:

    in Italy - Massimo and Severino, in Germany - Severin and Erhard, in Austria - Severin and Erhard, in France - Lucien

    in Greece - Vasilisa, in Hungary - Ginjiver, in Croatia - Severin and Theophilus

    in Sweden - Erland, in Finland - Titta

    in the Czech Republic - Chestmir, in Slovakia - Severin

    in Estonia - Kunnar, in Lithuania - Apolinaras and Theophilas, in Latvia - Erhards and Gatis

    in Poland - Erhard and Severin

    January 8 marks the day of remembrance of Erhard of Reginsburg, an Irish saint of the 7th century, who is known for building 7 monasteries and after a vision meeting the blind girl Odile, wet her eyes and she regained her sight.

    Who celebrates the name-day and Angel Day on 8 January?

  • Agrippina, Alexander, Anfisa, Vasily, Gregory, Dmitry, Efim, Isaac, Constantine, Leonid, Maria, Mikhail, Nikodim, Nikolai are more or less common Orthodox. These are the rare birthday people: Abo, Augusta, Evarest, Constantius, Macarius.

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