Who sings the song "There are fogs in my head"?

Who sings the song "There are fogs in my head"?

  • This song Max Barsky, Ukrainian singer and musician.

    In 2016, his fourth studio album was released, which was named Mists, and the song is called Mists (fogs in my head). Barskikh is a productive musician who releases albums every 2-3 years, creates new compositions, in general, works to the fullest, and therefore has good popularity.

  • Ukrainian singer sings the premiere of the song "There are fogs in my head" Max Barskikh. This pseudonym is Nikolai Nikolaevich Bortnik, a young performer born in 1990.

    You can listen to his new song on our website.

  • The song called "Fogs"performed by a Ukrainian singer and songwriter Max Barskikh (real name Nikolai Bortnik). The 26-year-old singer already has awards (Songs of the Year, Best Singer, Breakthrough of the Year and others) and as many as 4 albums. He took part in the selection for Eurovision - 2012, but took second place and went Gaitana.

  • Who sings the song "There are fogs in my head"?

    Answer: Max Barskikh sings.

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