Who has used Horsepower Ponnie Baby Shampoo?

Who has used Horsepower Ponnie Baby Shampoo?

  • I was once a guest and used this "Ponny" horsepower shampoo myself.

    Well, just had to go to the bath, and there was only children's shampoo. So I used it.

    What can I say. Normal shampoo, though horse shampoo. I like it. Even the dandruff was gone. And this is after one application. Well, really - just horse power!

    Well, a child from friends uses this shampoo and nothing, he is not bald - he is alive and well. Yes, in my opinion, the whole family there uses this shampoo.

    Although, there certainly cannot be said either. Everyone has a different type of hair. Therefore, you need to try and evaluate personally.

  • Children's shampoo "Pony" from Horsepower. A bright cardboard box, and the bottle is small, only two hundred and fifty grams. With a liquid consistency, you will not save much. Smells sweet, you can just be stunned. Good foam, does not sting eyes. The composition is not bad. No chemistry. Sun is natural. After washing your hair, the softness and shine are amazing.

  • Well, take it properly and use it, put it on your head and wash, there are no contraindications to the use of this shampoo, the composition is the most common, the name is only strange and the smell after it is cool, so wash your head and get high from it.

  • Shampoo and its tolerance is an individual thing. Without trying on yourself you can never evaluate whether it suits you or not. You may be among the few to whom this shampoo is contraindicated. I have not tried how many shampoos, I buy only Bubchen for my children. Nothing else fits.

  • How to use, and use. Personally, my hair is used to me washing it every day. I also heard about this shampoo, but so far I have not decided to try it out, although I read only positive reviews.

  • Generally cool shampoo! I bought it for my son, and for one I tried it myself! Smell-stupid how delicious. Hair after pony is soft as in childhood. Even some nostalgia has experienced.

  • I gave the nephew this shampoo, I liked the packaging: just for the boy is no longer a toddler, but not an adult. I read the composition-like nothing, especially from the pharmacy. The little boy was delighted.

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