Should I celebrate Halloween?

Should I celebrate Halloween?

  • The action "holiday" is voluntary, they do not have the prefix "must". Do you want to mark, mark, do not want, do not mark. Personally, I am not a fan of almost everything that comes from the West, and I do not need the export of American holidays - my own behind the back.

  • Why not? After all, basically only people who are deeply involved in religion do not celebrate it, tk. this is a day of various wickedness. Most of the people who celebrate this holiday (dress up in different costumes, make up, go from door to door and collect candy, saying "Trick or Treat) are Americans, because America is the homeland of this day.

    Well, here it is already up to you. If you want to celebrate - celebrate, I think it will be a lot of fun if you arrange a masquerade with your friends. Well, if you don't want to - no one forces :)

  • And I don't even want to hear, this is not our holiday. Sometimes it is not even clear that people will squeeze into carols to observe old traditions, and foreign ones are always easy. In general, if you want a holiday, then why limit yourself, but then let's not forget our traditions.

  • Think of Halloween as American carols. In America, on this day, children go from door to door in costumes of different characters (mostly some scary witches, ghosts, etc.) and collect candy, saying "trick or treat" - "candy or death". Adults decorate their yard with pumpkins, various artificial stuffed animals, skeletons in order to catch up with fear, prepare candy for children and can also arrange a costume party. This is the whole point.

    We have the most I've seen - a costume party in the club.

    As for celebrating ... well, here or in the club to go, where Halloween is celebrated, or to arrange a party on your own. Whether you need it or not, decide for yourself.

  • I think this is a good holiday. a great excuse to have fun, given that there are no special reasons to have fun in our country. it's fun! dressing up, frightening, and also candy for it. in party clubs. the atmosphere of the holiday is special - bewitching, mystical)) decorate all houses ... interestingly)))

  • Each person decides for himself what holidays to celebrate. It can be "Halloween" and the journey of a cockroach around a faceted glass "," World Toilet Day "," Saint Vaseline (shoe polish) "," Birthday of cocktail straws "," International Match Day "and many others, you can to invent any holiday and celebrate, if only the soul rejoices and does not interfere with work, because everyone knows that "business is time, and fun is an hour" 😉

  • For myself, I do not consider the day when Halloween is celebrated as some kind of holiday, therefore I do not celebrate it. In the family, children also do not celebrate. Only the daughter is ready to dress up in the appropriate costume and have fun in the nightclub. But for not it is nothing more than an ordinary masquerade ball.

  • If you like everything foreign and you gravitate towards it, why not celebrate it! For me personally, this holiday does not exist in principle. This is not agitation. I regard Halloween as a circus, no more. Now the propaganda of other people's holidays is in full swing, I still don’t remember the day of lovers ... but they began to forget their own.

  • In Russia, this holiday is not celebrated as widely as in other countries. From history it is clear that at first the holiday was popular in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where it was celebrated on October 31, on the eve of All Saints.

    Later, the holiday began to be celebrated in many other countries, including Japan, Singapore, Australia, the USA and the CIS countries.

    The etymology of the word is related to the name in English: "All-Hallows-Even".

    The prototype of Halloween is related, perhaps, to the holiday of Samhain from the word "Samhain" - "end of summer", and then the holiday began to be celebrated in November.

    Either the holiday had a meaning associated with the end of the season in agriculture, or with the supernatural and death.

    Gradually, Halloween began to replace Samhain and All Saints' Day.

    It matters, like a celebration of Halloween - a triumph in the victory over death and everything connected with it.

    Therefore, during the celebration, they use images associated with death and eat dishes at the table that are associated with them, dress up in similar clothes and decorate everything around in this style.

    Celebrating a holiday or not is everyone's business. In general, if you want to follow the traditions of Halloween, just dress up and bake a pumpkin, a pie and sit at the table, remember poems and joke, have fun on this day.

    Should I celebrate Halloween?

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