A drooping eyelid - what is it?

A drooping eyelid - what is it?

  • This is the structure of the eyes, a striking example is the eyes of Chinese women from above, like a "pillow" above the eye. It is usually almost useless to apply shadow on such eyes. These eyes need special makeup. Here.

  • A drooping eyelid is a common problem. The upper eyelid seems to hang, the look seems tired. There will be practically no shadows. More often the overhanging eyelid is found in women of age, but this problem does not bypass young girls either.

    How to paint your eyes correctly: the beginning of the line should be in the middle of the eyelid. By the edge of the eyelid, this line should widen.

    When performing such makeup, use dark shades of eyeshadow, applying them to the middle of the upper eyelid, that is, to revenge its greatest drooping. The use of eyeliner is not recommended. Apply mascara exclusively to the upper lashes.

    A drooping eyelid - what is it?

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