Turnover "Beat the Thumb". What is it?

Turnover "Beat the Thumb". What is it?

  • "Kick the thumbs up" is an expression referring to lazy people who live in an idle way, do nothing, live at the expense of others, wasting their own and others' time in vain. The six-letter word is bummer.

  • From the point of view of the sciences of language, the expression Beat the bugs is a kind of stable phrase, in which not every word is important separately, but the meaning that they convey when they are together. Such phrases are called Phraseologisms, although the word IDIOM is hidden here, which, in principle, is the same.

  • Sit back, do nonsense. Baklusha is a piece of wood for a spoon. Pupils (apprentices), as well as old people and children, were engaged in making baklush, and initially "to beat thumbs up" meant "to do a simple job."

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