Why can't a zinc coffin be opened?

Why can't a zinc coffin be opened?

  • This is usually explained by the fact that looking at the contents of such a zinc coffin (usually military personnel are buried in such) is not recommended for anyone, and even more so for the relatives and friends of the deceased. Because not everyone's nerves and hearts can stand it.

  • Because what you see in nm will probably follow you for a long time in your most probably terrible dreams, and this is not accepted. Everyone already understands that everything is completely sad there with the body)

  • Theoretically, a zinc coffin can be opened. But it is not necessary, because they usually transport dead servicemen, and these can be body fragments, and even those to a large extent of decomposition.

    During the war in Afghanistan, the remains of the dead were transported through the airport of the city of Nikolaev (this is close to my place of residence), and there were many different rumors about such coffins, up to using them for transporting not only the bodies of the dead, but also for drugs. How true such rumors are, I do not know, I was too small for a complete understanding of this.

  • It is possible, but not necessary. In your best interest. Often closed humps contain something that is not recommended for unprepared people to look at. These are the bodies of their relatives at a certain stage of decomposition, at which they no longer resemble their relatives as they were during life. We ourselves will be better off if we remember our departed relatives alive, healthy and cheerful, and not as a corpse with multiple tissue damage. Nevertheless, relatives sometimes show persistence and demand that the coffin be opened. In part, this can be explained by the fact that they subconsciously cannot come to terms with the loss of a dear person, and hope to see a completely different deceased there. They hope that there was a mistake, and there is a completely different body. It happens that they are met halfway. For example, the father of Lyuda Dubinina, a student who died in a campaign in the northern Urals as part of Dyatlov's group, insisted that his daughter's coffin be opened for him. In vain he did it. It was not easy even for pathologists and forensic investigators to look at what was left of a cheerful, beautiful and cheerful girl. Therefore, let our relatives remain in our memory as we remember them in life.

    Why can't a zinc coffin be opened?

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