Why did Nikata Mikhalkov, after graduating from VGIK, join the Army with his connections?

Why did Nikata Mikhalkov, after graduating from VGIK, join the Army with his connections?

  • Mikhalkovs, one of the most famous families in Russia, whose members have done a lot for the country.

    And it's not just that. It did not come from scratch. Their family has the right upbringing from generation to generation.

    Nikita Mikhalkov's father himself took part in the Second World War as a correspondent.

    After graduating from VGIK and having already starred in "I walk around Moscow", he was preparing for the filming of his film, which still looks with interest "One of our own among strangers, a stranger among our own."

    But, there was a wave of talk that the children of famous people do not serve in the army.

    For Mikhalkov, understanding his talent, both Sergei Bondarchkuk and the director of Mosfilm stood up.

    Parents advised their son not to "mow, but to serve himself and the country for the benefit." At the age of 27, he went to serve.

    Nikita Mikhalkov all his life remembers the Navy as a school of real courage.

    Why did Nikata Mikhalkov, after graduating from VGIK, join the Army with his connections?

  • Nikita Mikhalkov served in the navy in Kamchatka in 19721973-XNUMX. According to Mikhalkov himself, the strict military authorities did not give him any concessions, but his colleague claims the opposite. In any case, Nikita Mikhalkov is proud of his service in the army, apparently he went there of his own free will.

  • In fact, there is nothing strange about this

    Then many of the elite served

    So, of course, the connections of the dad could help, for example, make some kind of diagnosis, but just like now - but I just don't want to - then it was impossible to cut it off.

    And all sorts of diagnoses could then come back to haunt.

    For example, my classmate was diagnosed with post-traumatic encephalopathy, and of course he did not serve. But then I could never get a parva for driving a car.

    I could buy, but I didn't get it

    But who knew in 1986 that in 5 years we would have such a life that everything could be bought ...

    In addition, serving the children of the nomenklatura and other elite could be arranged in such a way that the service would "seem like honey."

    I don't know anything about Mikhalkov, I won't say, but a guy served with me, whose father was a big party boss in their area

    People came to take the oath, brought money, food and drink

    The guy was appointed as a storekeeper at the warehouse and we didn't really see him anymore))

    He lived in this warehouse

    And relatives periodically sent lamb to the Volga))

    And Akhtamara))

    So even then everything could be done

    Although Mikhalkov is certainly older than me and served before, so maybe he served honestly

    We were not frightened with scary stories, there was no Internet

    We and such a word - hazing - only recognized in the army ...

    And nothing - all sane returned without loss)

    There were also curiosities

    My friend, the son of a big boss in the trade unions, called up, and dad went to get his son in a GOOD place

    The guy was sent to the Khimvoysk training school, and then somewhere in the Saratov steppes ...

    Volsk city

    There he ran 10-20 km every day in a chemical protection suit and a gas mask.

    I almost died

    And I, without any cronyism, returned home from the shipment and served an hour's drive from home)))

    You need to be able to)))

  • because he is a normal man, and he served not 2, but 3 years in the frontier unit of the Pacific Fleet in the Far East, almost in Chukotka. This is a highly respected move, and he helped him to find his confidence and place in life. without touching on his certain ambitious drifts, I consider Nikita to be a very Russian artist, proudly wearing both men's pants and my love for the Motherland ...

    ps normal is when it is better possible, worse is impossible ...

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