Why does the Moscow circus team play in KVN?

Why does the Moscow circus team play in KVN?

  • I also don't see anything wrong with that, if the team does a good job and the audience loves it, let them participate. Nowhere is it written in the rules that only universities can participate in KVN. And if the rules are not prohibited, then circus teams can also take part in KVN.

  • Yes, these are the artists of the Great Moscow State Circus. They play KVN because circus, fun and humor are interconnected things. It is not at all surprising that the artists decided to prove themselves in this competition.

  • Why not? Indeed, this is the team of the Great Moscow State Circus, and they are in the quarterfinals of the Higher League of KVN. Since in the circus we can observe humorous moments, creativity, it is not surprising that young guys participate and come up with witty jokes.

  • Yes, they are real circus artists. I watched the program last Sunday, I don't remember the name, but from KVN, the program was something about the selection of teams (something like a comedy battle). And there were circus performers and other universities !!!

  • Because it is not prohibited by the rules, which means that it is allowed.

    I don't see anything wrong with that. On the contrary, they will bring a fresh wave with their jokes with a circus element. And then already quite monotonous performances lately.

  • Why does the Moscow circus team play in KVN?

    The rules of the "Club of the Merry and Resourceful" do not prohibit the performance of groups that do not represent any university. A team of any origin can apply for participation.

    So did the National Team of the Great Moscow State Circus, representing artists from the circus of the same name. The team is the vice-champion of the Moscow and Moscow Region League.

    The team has a VKontakte page - http://vk.com/thecircushasleft.

    The team includes the following members:

    Yesenin Oleg, Nikishkin Boris, Prokopov-Levitsky Rudolph, Bobtsov Artem, Sattarov Anvar, Petrosyan Garik, Konovalov Nikolay, Kurkina Anna, Titchenkova Tamara, Vydrin Vitaly

    The performance of the National Team of the Great Moscow State Circus can be viewed at the link: http://www.1tv.ru/video_archive/projects/kvn/p110788 or, for example, here:

  • It seems that there are no restrictions for the participation of certain successful teams in the competitions of the "Cheerful and Resourceful Club", it just so happened that such teams were formed on the basis of higher educational institutions, but now representatives of the Moscow circus have appeared in the competition. I believe that any organization that has a sufficient number of young, talented and witty guys can put up a team in KVN.

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