Will there be a pro-Western or pro-Russian president in Ukraine after Poroshenko?

Will there be a pro-Western or pro-Russian president in Ukraine after Poroshenko?

  • In connection with the policy pursued by the current government headed by Poroshenko, a pro-Western president will be elected in Ukraine. If you look back, all the presidents of Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR pursued a pro-Western policy. Only Yanukovych was somehow more loyal to Russia, for which he was overthrown. Considering all this, it can be assumed that the people of Ukraine are still leaning towards the West in the hope of finally living as in developed European countries, and not as in poverty under the communists. But people do not understand that in order to live well, one must work, and not live only on Western loans. Ukraine is seen by the West not as a prosperous country with industry and tourism, but is seen as a strategic military facility of NATO. The West does not care about the people of Ukraine. The future president of Ukraine needs to be clearly aware with whom he will exercise his future rule of the state, with his people, or with credits and will become the base of NATO.

  • As long as Ukraine does not have its own independence, but depends on the United States, then the next president after Poroshenko will be pro-Western. When the people of Ukraine learn this and find a way to gain their own independence, I hope there will be no pro-Russian or pro-Western president. And there will be a pro-Ukrainian president who will think about how to make Ukraine a prosperous state, and not how to fill his pocket.

  • In my opinion, Ukraine needs not a pro-Russian, and not a pro-Western, but a sensible president who will choose and will pursue a policy that brings prosperity to all its people, and not just the “chosen ones”!

  • It is unclear why only options for pro-Western or pro-Russian presidents are being considered. Moreover, unlike many fragments of the former USSR, in Ukraine the president does not decide everything. And even if he is proklnigon (trying to act in the interests of the Klingor empire from the "Star Trek"), the Verkhovna Rada may very well not allow him to do so.

    The President of Ukraine must be pro-Ukrainian. - Neither Ukraine nor the Ukrainians need any other. The President of Ukraine must act in the interests of Ukraine, not the United States, the EU or Russia. And only a pro-Ukrainian president will have a chance of winning the next presidential elections in Ukraine.

    But whether he decides that it is in the interests of Ukraine and its people to be closer to the countries of the West or the East is unpredictable. But in my opinion, it is necessary to maintain good relations with all countries. And first of all, with their neighbors. And Ukraine's neighbors are both the Russian Federation and the EU.

    After all, we somehow get along well with the EU, and with the Russian Federation, and with Ukraine. Why Ukraine and Russia will not be able to coexist normally in the same way, and not make enemies out of their neighbors?

  • It all depends not on one person, but on a large number of people, therefore, in the opinion of one or two people, I cannot judge, only time will tell, but I am inclined to believe that the "pro-Western" will come.

  • If the idea of ​​Russia's “guilt” for everything bad that has happened for centuries and is happening now in the country continues to be circulated in the country, it is unlikely that a pro-Russian candidate will be able to win a significant part of the electorate.

    If the rhetoric of the authorities changes, then a moderate "centrist" politician, acceptable to all three parties, may be the most successful candidate. Only so far such a candidate has not been seen (and will his "western partners" be allowed to the infospace?) Most likely, the PAP will be president within the next 6 years, and it is simply too early to talk about another candidate.

    There is one more aspect you are not considering - the other two sides. And if the policy of the Russian Federation and the West towards Ukraine changes? Of course, unlikely, but what if? I'm not even talking about the change of leaders and the like (apparently, in the Russian Federation in the coming years there will be no other president). Maybe the two sides, neighboring, I mean, finally reach a consensus. Therefore, it is hardly possible to predict something with a high degree of probability.

  • Personally, I will no longer dare to vote for the Novorossiysk president: the runaway supporter, the history of the Crimea and the ATO was enough for me. I will not raise my hand to risk the country I love so much after all this horror.

    Whether I want to Vote for Pro-European - I'm not sure. I do not think that Poroshenko is a bad president to the point - definitely better than some. At least he looks more like a president. But to say that I am delighted with him is also not.

    What I can say unequivocally: I would definitely vote for a pro-Ukrainian one - that's 100%. You can't convince me anymore with simple fables, promises, and more talk. I have already learned to understand what is true in their words and what is beautiful.

    Will I go to the polls - every time and I must. But to vote or spoil the ballot is another question.

    Now you can see who treats the country. Both among politicians and among citizens. In truth, even the ATOs in the Rada disappointed me - there is no one to vote for, yet. If you really have to choose from two, then I am for the pro-European.

  • It would be better to have a president in Ukraine, without any ... pro-Washington, pro-Moscow ... But just an adequate person who would understand that in the history of Ukraine there were relations with both the West and the East, and there were good and bad, as well as any country, and would not take out grievances three hundred years ago ... All countries fought in their time, but in Europe, where Ukraine so wants to go, it never occurs to anyone to expose, say, Norway, for the fact that the Vikings are in done in good time ...

    And in Ukraine it was all, and Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Mazepa, and Yaroslav Galan and Bandera. By the way, for some reason, Stepan Andreevich, now he was alone on horseback, and with the tyrant Stalin, fought for European values, and with Hitler ... and for some reason, in the form of ... Abwehr.

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