Is the Team with Kadyrov project worth watching? Why, what are your impressions, reviews?

Is the Team with Kadyrov project worth watching? Why, what are your impressions, reviews?

  • The project team with Kadyrov seemed interesting from the first minutes of viewing. Indeed, there is something to see and appreciate the beauty of the mountainous region.

    The project itself looks relaxed, the operator captures the pictures with the characters' emotions well, the "failure" moments of its participants are noticed for the viewer's eye.

    The participants are tense, the team spirit is not felt, initially, everyone plays for himself. But, for a true leader and individual, other qualities are needed, this is, first of all, the concept of the feelings of the people next to you, this is not enough in the project so far, and there is also no complete concept of the national qualities of the Chechen people, which you need to feel and not forget that they are striking differ from the usual concepts.

    The girls of the team do not fit into the project at all. They, wishing to become close assistants, must remember that they are women, and at the same time not arouse feelings for themselves, as for representatives of the opposite sex.

    In general, the project is worth watching, I think we will learn something and a reassessment of concepts will come. Many moments from the project will have to be psychologically "digested" and comprehended.

  • A very good project to convey to the whole of Russia the charms, life, culture of this beautiful land recreated by such incredible work of the entire people of Chechnya. An interesting competition was the selection of endurance and psychological analysis of the professional suitability of candidates. An incredible choice of chapter and at the same time unexpected for everyone, including me, since I did not expect it. The candidates, in their own good, gave preference to Maxim and Muslim as good performers with a great idea of ​​the humanity and culture of the region and people in general. Others are good in their own way. But as they say, people are not judged by themselves. A good project has a lot of emotions, I wanted to go there myself. And this is an achievement if a person under the impression wants to go to this land to this people in his own beautiful way. Maybe you will be lucky to participate. I wish you all good luck and good health! Ruslan.

  • I will tell you about my impression, I was not going to watch, but yesterday I accidentally came out on this program, although it is broadcast late and could no longer come off until the very end.

    The fact is that the Head of Chechnya himself is very interesting in it, not even the participants, he talks a lot about himself during the project, they show his residences, settlements and nature there, this is very interesting.

    a photo

    Now there are two teams, and one member of the team, the captain, has already left it and flew home, because he did not cope with the task. Kadyrov himself names the person who needs to leave the project.

    He comes up with all the tasks. Yesterday they showed how he released deer, an unforgettable sight. Of course, it is not necessary to watch this project after midnight, you can always watch it in the recording on Russia 1 or YouTube.

  • You know, I do not believe in the good goals of Ramzan Kadyrov, I perceive his staged show "Project Team with Kadyrov" solely as a desire for self-praise. He comes up with questions himself, only he himself knows which answer will be considered correct. He talks a lot about himself, teaching himself, as a leader, a media person. He single-handedly considers who should stay and who should continue to participate.

    Is the Team with Kadyrov project worth watching? Why, what are your impressions, reviews?

    Kadyrov was and remains an authoritarian leader, and no matter how they show the beauty of Chechnya, he still advertises only himself and his methods of work. I do not think that a person of a different religion and mentality will actually choose an assistant from among dissidents.

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