"Remember the 90s" ORT's first general director, who?

"Remember the 90s" ORT's first general director, who?

  • The most interesting thing is that there is not even a hint of who needed his death. Usually such high-profile cases are good PR for everyone ... I think the saying is right: look there who benefits from it. But that is not the question. Vladislav Listyev answer.

  • Different people, of different ages, remembered this person in different ways. For me, he is one of the participants in the "Vzglyad" program, for others in my family, he is the organizer of the "Field of Miracles" entertainment program. The nineties will forever remain a black page for Russia. Often, economic problems were not resolved through negotiations, but by physical elimination of the opponent. Having become one of the main people on Central Television, Vladislav Listyev was soon killed. The reasons for the murder, as well as the executors and customers, remained a mystery until today. In the memory of people, Vladislav Listyev remained a bright, unblemished man, a man.

    The answer to the quiz task is VLADISLAV LISTIEV.

    "Remember the 90s" ORT's first general director, who?

  • The tragedy was terrible when Vladislav Listyev was killed, everyone was worried and shocked, he hosted some programs himself, and, in general, was a famous person, they said different things, but the exact reason was never given.

  • This is Vladislav Listyev, who started the TV game "Field of Miracles" in Russia, and then he successfully passed it on to Leonid Yakubovich. Listyev was killed. He was an interesting man, intelligent and inquisitive. The murderer was never found.

  • The first general director of ORT was Vladislav Listyev... He was a very talented TV journalist, it is a pity that his life was interrupted in the prime of life. Until now, this murder of the TV journalist has not been solved. But he could have done so much more for television, for Russia.

  • I remember when Vlad Listyev was killed, everyone was saddened. Indeed, he was a very charismatic man, many interesting programs appeared on television with his help. So the answer is obvious - Vladislav Listyev.

  • Vladislav Listyev.

    I remember the day of his death - March 1, 1995. It was a shock to everyone. I remember that then the newspapers wrote: that it was because of his desire to ban advertising on ORT, the general director of which he became in January 1995 ...

    Own program "Look", but I was still too young to watch this. I remember him from The Field of Miracles, but Yakubovich somehow dulled this memory ...

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