“I am from the fiery village” - what are the reviews of the book?

"I am from the fiery village" - what are the reviews of the book?

  • This book I'm from the fiery village first came out in 1977. The author is Ales Adamovich, and two co-authors are Yanka Bryl and Vladimir Kolesnik. Together with the book, a disc was released with the voices of those who talked about their experiences. These were ordinary Belarusians, men and women, who managed to escape from the fiery villages - those of 627 villages that were burned down by the punitive forces along with the people.

    "I am from the fiery village" - what are the reviews of the book?

    Among the miraculously rescued were children. And after many years their voices trembled when they told about those days they had experienced, and pain and horror were heard in every word.

    I also listened to the disc for the book, and then read the book itself. I read for a long time, "in one breath" you can't read it. It takes your breath away, because every page is pain, and at the same time a judgment for Nazism. Human memory, which preserved the horror of those days when human life was put to nothing, when hundreds of thousands of women, children, old people were destroyed just because the brutal ideologists declared them a lower race. This book is another accusation against German Nazism.

    They say that now there are "works" about Hitler, about his life. This is for those who can no longer remember the war, because they were born and raised in peacetime, and there are no more participants in that war who told our generation about it. And they begin to distort history, write about "mistakes" and "miscalculations". Whitewash the actions of the Nazis and even justify their actions.

    It is a pity that there are very few books like "I am from the fiery village". And the more valuable are these testimonies that tell the truth about the war and those who start them. This book must be read, it is imperative that no more generation will have to go through something like this. This is no longer just a book. This is a historical document - testimony and accusation.

  • This is a book about Khatyn_ village, burnt down by the fascists in Belarus,

    This is a very scary book - in it witnesses of atrocities tell the truth about what happened ..

    I could not read this book right away - it was so painful for me to read it ...

    this book for me says that there should never be fascism and fascists on earth again ...

  • And what reviews can there be about a book that describes how people were killed and burned alive? How can this be justified or remain indifferent. The only thing I would like to read is the list of those who burned, killed and raped by name. Surnames, names, nationality and their further destiny. And if anyone managed to escape punishment for their actions - the names of those who helped to do it. Only then is it likely that this will not happen again. Take an example from the work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and search. Not all are dead yet.

    "I am from the fiery village" - what are the reviews of the book?

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