What is Bruce Willis's father's working profession?

What is Bruce Willis's father's working profession?

  • The father of Bruce Willis is famous primarily for the fact that he had a son who became a famous film actor who repeatedly saved the world on the screens. David Willis himself was not so famous, although any work is honorable and he certainly performed his duties with honor. His working profession was the specialty MECHANICS. Well, he was also a welder, but this is the second option, less likely.

    If you look at the photo of Bruce Willis's father, you can find undeniable similarities between father and son, especially with regard to their hairstyle.

    What is Bruce Willis's father's working profession?

  • Most celebrities make their own way in life, but, as a rule, they begin to prove themselves even at school.

    This is exactly what happened with one of the highest paid Hollywood film actresses, as well as with German-born producer and musician Bruce Willis.

    It is known that he was born on March 19, 1955 in Idar-Oberstein (former Germany) at an American military base. Bruce's father's name was David Willis. In 1957, David demobilized and returned with his family to the United States. Then he was a mechanic and welder. When Bruce was 16 years old, his parents divorced. It is worth noting that Bruce has 2 more brothers (David and Robert (though he died of pancreatic cancer in 2005, at the age of 42) and sister Flo.

    So the answer to this question should be considered the profession of the father - Mechanic (7 letters).

  • Although the question concerns a public person, about which a full-fledged detailed answer can be given, but only to an indirect extent. Therefore, in this answer we will limit ourselves to stating the fact and profession of the celebrity's father. The answer to the crossword puzzle is the MECHANIC.

  • Bruce Willis is famous for his acting, the film Die Hard with him in the lead role immediately comes to mind.

    Usually, the parents of famous actors are themselves known for something, but Willis's father has nothing to do with show business.

    What is Bruce Willis's father's working profession?

    By the number of letters, both options are suitable, but the correct one will be - MECHANIC.

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