Greatest rulers of all time?

Greatest rulers of all time?

  • And what is the criterion of "greatness" - to fight all your life and die on a campaign - is unlikely

    Rather, the one who, in one way or another, carried a sea of ​​people with him.

    Attila is the first in this list, he will be older than others, then, "Iskander-Two-Horned" further, - Genghis Khan, by right, behind them are the rulers of Byzantium and the Roman Empire, who managed to collect and manage their vast territories.

    The list is not complete and not static, that is, as many people as there are lists ...

  • Good time of the day. In my subjective opinion, the greatest (not to be confused with the best, not all from my list were kind. On the list of those who left their name in history :)) rulers in history are:

    Abraham Lincoln

    Владимир Путин

    Joseph Stalin

    Alexander Makedonski

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Adolf Gitler

    Franklin Roosevelt

    Guy Julius Caesar

    Vladimir Lenin

    Otto Von Bismarck

    Richard the Lionheart

    Catherine the Great

    Ptr First

    Wilgelm the conqueror

    Ivan the Terrible

    Genghis Khan

  • If you mean the WORLD history, then there are many such rulers: Amenhotep, Caesar, Charlemagne, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler (yes, despite the defamation of his personality and his terrible mistakes, he is great !), Joseph Stalin and many others. I consider Bill Clinton, Colonel Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Vladimir Putin to be the great people of our time.

    If you mean our country, then there are naturally fewer greats than in the world, but there are also: Svyatoslav, Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the First, Nikolai the First, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin.

  • Jewish King Shlomo (Solomon) The one who built the Temple in Jerusalem, delivered his people from wars and raised them to an unusual height of spirituality. This was the happiest period in the history of the Jewish people - the period of the first Temple.

    Yuri Lores about Tsar Shlomo.

  • It is interesting that with such a question, Alexander the Great, Gaius Julius Caesar, Ganiball, Chingis and other Attila will probably be removed from the memory of most of the memory ..) While those rulers who were not marked by global conquests, but quietly worked for the good of the country remain outside the brackets for they are not marked by worthy atrocities ..). Why is Ivan Kalita worse, or Diocletian, or Saint Louis IX, or Alexei Mikhailovich Quiet, or Alexander the third Peacemaker?

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