The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish. How to characterize an old man? Why is he like that?

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish. How to characterize an old man? Why is he like that?

  • Well, there is, let's say, a similar, but African parable, where a quarrelsome wife is also not happy with her husband, expresses all sorts of claims to him that she is not a man of the type at all, and is not good for anything, nothing like the others, etc.

    An African old man, he went to the sorcerer, that would call trouble on his wife, took a magic talisman ...

    Well, our old man, after an unsuccessful marriage, apparently did not have children, he simply left, as they say, into "internal emigration" and the outside world no longer perceived properly, did not react to anything ...

    What can I say? our women are still more fortunate than African women, it is probably better to live with a fool and simpletons, that African granddaughter or grandson choked on some kind of fruit ...

    So the talisman worked magic ...

    And so the African fairy tale ended:

    "Although the child died due to the fault of his grandfather, but the grandfather was right! Everyone around announced. For too long he endured humiliation from his wife. You cannot offend a good man."

    Our old man, after all, somehow looks better, endures his old woman, like Socrates Xanthippus ...

  • And indeed. It turns out that the main meaning of the tale is sheer femdom and female domination. Probably, the old man was with a deviation from the psychosexual norm and suffered from masochism. Or rather, of course, he did not suffer, but enjoyed. No, well, all this, most likely, was in his youth, and then became a habit, and where should the poor pensioner go? Try to find a new grandmother by the very blue sea, especially when for thirty years and three years you have smelled so much of fish and ooze that all the troughs along the coast have cracked. Well, the old woman, I suppose, is blackmailing with pictures and homevideo, you can't get overwhelmed here. Another proof of my version is the fact that my grandfather even calls the fish, albeit with yellow scales, "the empress". The willingness to obey and the recognition of their inferior status in front of some kind of mackerel only confirms the presence of deep, psychological problems of an elderly person.

  • The choice, of course, is always there. But the whole point is that the old man was a specific person, and therefore did not give himself a choice. How to characterize him? Kind, smart, brave, not a scoundrel. In general, a real man, I say no joke. Especially that smart is well noticeable. When the old woman wanted to become a queen, he said a very clever thing, which, when I was young, I quoted mediocre women leaders right in the face: “You cannot step or speak! You will make the whole kingdom laugh!” Yes, I understand, you are waiting for an answer to the question Why did the old man meekly carry out all her orders? Well, first of all, he did, but at the same time he kept his personal dignity. And secondly, like a real man, he was responsible for his marriage. Married - take it as it is, otherwise it was not necessary to marry. My first wife was the same, she did not know the measure of anything. And I did not argue with her, I did everything, I understood that it was my own fault, that I took such a "treasure". And then he just left, and that's all, and in the end she had a broken trough.

  • Honestly, it is surprising that almost everyone who is familiar with this work (or cartoon) is so sorry for the old man.

    Anyone familiar in real life to a person, for all his misfortunes in a similar situation would be answered: "It is his own fault, there was nothing to humiliate himself like that" (or something like that).

    Of course, the old man was a kind person, non-conflicting, almost a Zen master, close to nature, he even understood the fish language. But on the other hand, he is absolutely led, he could be turned, as they say, like a gypsy by the Sun, used for absolutely any purpose.

    It's good that the times were old and the old woman did not send him to blow up the royal chambers with a bomb or to derail some armored train.

    Of course, I also support the old man in his desire to live in peace (sometimes it is better to give in than to argue and scandal). And nailing that evil old woman is also not an option. But to carry out, like a zombie, all the commands of a demon-possessed woman was also not worth it. Apparently, she completely suppressed his will. Still, some requests, instructions and orders of the wife should be ignored, refused. Otherwise, you could have done a lot of mischief and become an accomplice in the creation of sin (they were definitely believers at that time) and crimes.

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