How many pairs of winter shoes should a woman have?

How many pairs of winter shoes should a woman have?

  • 1) High boots with heels on the way out (euromex)

    2) Boots without heels and low

    3) Flat boots for jeans

    4) Dutik for relaxation and walks in the fresh air

    I have this from the winter options.

    And this is not the limit)

  • If you have purchased suede winter shoes, and in winter where you live there is rain and mud, or the snow melts, then you will need another pair of winter shoes. And you will have to buy leather or patent leather boots. Although, if the winter is not cold, you can wear autumn boots.

    In principle, one pair is sufficient if it is not made of suede. Otherwise, two pairs of shoes are indispensable.

    Well, there is no limit to the desires of shopping for a woman at all. After all, we always like everything beautiful and want to buy a new pair of shoes, even if there are already several pairs at home.

    If you really have nowhere to go, you can give the old ones to someone. Well, there is always a reason to buy new and beautiful shoes.

    Suffice it to say that you can also choose shoes for each outfit. If you take this as the reason, then you will have to buy even more shoes, unless, of course, there is more than one outfit in the wardrobe.

  • It all depends on what kind of clothes the woman is wearing, and the shoes to choose so that they fit the clothes. You need a pair of heels and a flat sole, or a low platform, a small heel. Of course, a lot depends on what and how much a woman can afford. I have only two pairs of winter shoes, heeled ankle boots that are suitable for trousers and dresses, skirts, as well as boots on a small platform, which are more suitable for tight trousers. I also plan to take winter sneakers, boots (along with a winter suit, ski, for example) to walk with the children in the yard, go out of town and ski ..

  • A woman, like a man, must have two pairs of winter shoes.

    He wears one pair, and the second stands dry, polished shoes and waits for its time.

    The first pair of winter shoes got wet - the woman puts it on to dry, clean, and the second one she puts on and wears. And the shoes periodically rest, and the woman changes her style.

    But it also happens that in winter a woman wears only one pair of winter shoes. Then these shoes need very careful care so that they will last for the whole winter. Use special water-repellent creams, dry constantly, clean from dirt and salt.

    female felt boots

  • I have three pairs of winter shoes:

    1) For every day

    2) On the way out (to the theater)

    3) Ski boots

    Out of 2 pairs (I only go skiing out of town), I can say that the pair will just lie there for the third season, I wear them very rarely. And one pair is enough for me for the whole winter

  • There are never too many winter shoes. It is advisable to have at least two pairs of boots. One must be absolutely flat to walk in gold. And one pair for going out. It's better when you have three pairs. Since during the thaw, the boots can get wet and must be dried. Still it may happen that the heel will wear off or something will become with the lock (there were such cases) Then a "spare" pair of boots for daily wear will come in handy.

  • At least two pairs of winter boots. Some with low heels, others with high heels. Although, in principle, the height of the heel does not really matter, there are women who wear shoes, only with low heels, and there are those who have no idea how it is to walk in shoes without high heels. But in any case, there must be two pairs. Because the boots need to be dried and they need to rest. I have six pairs of winter boots and a pair of boots, but I only use one pair of boots and a pair of boots, all the others are just standing. As my husband says, they are collected.

  • As much as her cats allow and the woman herself wants. In principle, one or two couples are enough, but we are women so arranged that the same thing quickly bothers us. We just need to constantly change our image. We are alone at work, others at home, third in public. Therefore, everything also depends on the woman's lifestyle, because we cannot go to the club in work clothes. And if a woman has work-home-shop-home-work, then some quick-dressing boots are enough.

  • As much as her budget and desire to buy a new thing allows, well, in general, it is advisable to have two pairs of shoes for the winter, at a low speed, so that you can go out in snowy weather, well, shoes with heels, so that you can go out, for example, on a date or for an event.

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