How many episodes in the series “Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed”?

How many episodes in the series "Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed"?

  • Five.

    Although I never managed to see them all, from beginning to end.

  • In the television series, which was released for the first time on TV screens, in 1979, there are five episodes. I was still little, in the third grade, probably, and then we ran from the street to "stick" to the TV screen. I remember then there were many of them initially watched because of Vysotsky in the role of Zheglov. Vysotsky was then not held in high esteem by the authorities, it was almost impossible to see him on the screen, if only in films. And concerts, God forbid, probably the Minister of Culture would at that time, from his post immediately removed ...

  • In this film, the entire 5 series, but which ones. The film was shot in 1979 by director Stanislav Govorukhin. They made a film in Odessa and Moscow. This is a legendary even immortal film. Much more such films. I can’t believe that there was at least one person who would not watch this film.

The meeting place cannot be changed 3 episode (1979)

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