Owl with Aibolit. What is the word from 5 letters?

Owl with Aibolit. What is the word from 5 letters?

  • Quite recently, I read the stories of Korney Chukovsky about Aibolit to his little son. Therefore, the names of the main characters of the book are fresh in the memory. Owl - the darling of doctor Aibolit was called - Bumba. And this is the correct answer to the question.

  • The correct answer to the question in the crossword is the word "Bumba", that was the name of the owl in the book "Aibolit", Owl - Bumba, as you know, she lived with the doctor and helped Dr. Aibolit.

    The five letter answer is - Bumba

  • In order not to suffer for a long time in search of an answer to this crossword question, you need to refer to the text of the fairy tale "Aibolit" and find in nm the name of a wise owl. E name Bumba - judging by the number of letters, this name is the correct answer.

  • If I'm not mistaken, then in the famous, children's fairy tale of Korney Chukovsky about doctor Aibolit, the owl, the doctor's favorite, was called Bumba. She was very faithful and very wise. The owl loved to sit at the doctor’s shoulder. There are such words:

    Owl with Aibolit. What is the word from 5 letters?

  • Dr. Aibolit's owl was called Bumba. I will not say that the answer turned out to be very easy, the tale is familiar from childhood, but the name of the owl was completely forgotten. I had to read a little on this topic. But now I will definitely remember her name. The correct answer is Bumba, there are just five letters in the word.

  • Let us recall the childhood and the wonderful tale of Kornei Chukovsky about the good doctor Aibolit, which was read to us by the parents.

    And then we watched a great movie about the same doctor and there was his favorite owl too.

    The correct answer is Bumba.

  • The owl in the fairy tale "Aybolit" was called Bumba. Immediately, of course, the name of the bird could not be recalled; And it turned out that the owl was really the name, the word just 5 letters, as you need to write in a crossword puzzle.

  • "Bumba", I have been reading Aibolit for a long time ", so I completely forgot who was called, I had to look on the Internet for the names of all the heroes of the fairy tale about" Aibolit "owl, yes, the name is" Bumba ", a normal name for an owl.

  • In the tale of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky about Doctor Aibolit, Doctor Aibolit has an owl that almost always sits on his shoulder. This owl is called - Bumba... The word is Bumba's name and will be the correct answer from the crossword puzzle.

  • Owl Dr. Aibolit in the book called Bumba

  • Dr. Aibolit had an owl named Bumba. The doctor had many animals, but among them were the most beloved, Bumba was just one of them. When Aibolit had nothing to eat, all the animals helped the beloved doctor, and Bumba’s owl planted potatoes.

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