The poor man is in the water, the rich man is on the wall. What is the riddle about?

The poor man is in the water, the rich man is on the wall. What is the riddle about?

  • Now it is already difficult to believe that there were times when huge sums of money were given for one mirror. Not one poor man could not afford to buy a mirror to hang on his wall and was content with a reflection in the water. And only a very rich person could afford to buy such a luxury as a mirror. To lay out for a relatively small mirror the monetary equivalent of the value of the ship, this is only for the then nouveau good.

    Therefore, the correct answer to the riddle that the poor man has in the water, the rich man is on the wall: зеркало.

  • Mirror.

    But, apparently, a riddle about very ancient times, when mirrors were not available to the poor. Then they were all.

  • The riddle is not that difficult. Experts in the game "What? Where? When?" immediately put forward the correct version. So the answer would be зеркало... Nowadays, making a mirror is not that expensive, but earlier mirrors were very expensive. Firstly, because they were made mainly on a silver substrate, and secondly, glass production was also not cheap. As a result, not even every wealthy person could afford it.

  • Mirror puzzle. In the old days, the poor looked at their reflection in the water, because the mirrors were so expensive that only very rich people could afford to have them in the house. From there this mystery was born.

    The answer is MIRROR.

  • The correct answer to this riddle will be an object that is now in every home. it MIRROR... But in ancient times, mirrors were a luxury and were very expensive. Therefore, only rich people could afford a mirror, and the poor could only see their reflection in water.

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