Which animal has horns (see options)?

Which animal has horns (see options)?

  • The question in this case is not very difficult, if you have at least a little idea what the animals listed in the question look like.

    The grizzly bear is a bear, so it would be strange if he had horns. Lori is an animal from the genus of primates, they also do not differ in horniness. A capybara is a capybara, its horns are not at all "to face".

    What remains is the mouflon, this is an artiodactyl, it belongs to the genus of rams, therefore it has luxurious curved horns.

    MUFLON - the right answer to this question.

  • Lori are such primates, which means they don't have horns for sure. Grizzlies are large bears found in North America, also without horns. Capybaras are the largest rodents. And here MUFLON it is a ram, it has very large horns.

  • It seems that the question should not be difficult, but when you see the options, you understand what the catch is - these are not the most popular animals in our area. But after looking at the descriptions and photos of each of the given species, the answer becomes obvious - mouflon, the answer is second in order.

  • It so happens that I am a big fan of animal programs and know all the listed species. With horns, it's a mouflon. The animal is very similar to an ordinary ram.

    You can also go by the method of elimination: calibers are known for their size, but these are rodents. Laurie is something that resembles a pop-eyed sedentary monkey. Grizzly bears are a huge species of bears. The mouflon remains.

    Which animal has horns (see options)?

  • The names of the animals are all more exotic, you can even get confused. I know for sure that the grizzly bear has no horns, with the rest you need to work hard.

    MUFLON, this is a ram, so it must have horns, and huge ones.

    Which animal has horns (see options)?

  • Among the presented options for potential answers, we need to guess only one answer, which will be the correct answer. So, among the presented animals with horns, there is only one animal and its name is Mouflon.

    So the correct answer is the mouflon.

  • You can cope with this task quickly, it is enough to find photographs of animals and the owner of the horns will be found. Very large, beautiful straight luxurious horns adorn the head of the animal, which is the second on the list, this is Mouflon. In the quiz, Mouflon is the correct answer.

  • It is very wonderful when there is a source in which you can look at the appearance of each of the animals on the list - the second answer turns out to be correct, because "mouflon" is one of the varieties of ram, which is difficult to imagine without horns.

    Which animal has horns (see options)?

    Answer: "Mouflon".

    Which animal has horns (see options)?

  • Primates with horns

    never met. therefore

    the first variant of "lori" disappears.

    Bear with horns. It would be funny! So no, nature cheated the grizzly with horns 🙂

    KaPibara is the largest representative of rodents. And naturally, it also has no horns.

    The ram is another matter. That's who can boast of horns!

    MUFLON is a ruminant, cloven-hoofed animal belonging to the genus of sheep.

    Which animal has horns (see options)?

  • Calibara is an animal from the capybara family, so it has no horns. Primate Lori and bears grizzly the horns on the head also never grew and are not observed now. And here mouflon - This is the closest relative of the sheep, which belongs to the cloven-hoofed sheep genus. Exactly mouflon is the proud owner of incredible horns: large, massive, curled back.

    Therefore option "mouflon" will be the only correct answer to the question posed.

  • Of the animals listed, only mouflon has horns. This is such a ram and his horns, to put it mildly, are not small.

    But the rest of the animals do not have horns and cannot have. Laurie is a little monkey, a grizzly is a bear, a capybara is a rodent.

    Correct answer - MUFLON.

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