Is it comfortable wearing glasses in the army?

Is it comfortable wearing glasses in the army?

  • Poor glasses. Nothing you can do. Get used to the lenses.

    Is it comfortable wearing glasses in the army?

  • I know for sure that the monocle and pince-nez were invented for military needs. It is very difficult to fence and hold the lorgnette at the same time so that you can see everything. And if a saber attack, then the lorgnette, saber and reins are three things, but only two hands. Conclusion: it all depends on the glasses.

  • Well, I wore glasses in the army, it was also -4,5d. True, it was a long time ago, more than 30 years have passed). But I will share my experience.

    Of course, it is not very easy with glasses in an army game. Sometimes they interfere), but you can live. The people around, of course, are kidding, but this is kind, garbage. Moreover, there are a lot of bespectacled people now ...

    So, here are some tips: - take with you 3 pieces of glasses (with a storage case), they often fight (once, right during the exam on a drill belt from a machine gun, I hooked the ear hook and knocked the glasses on the parade ground)).

    - take with you the type of rubber bands so that the bows on the back of the head are connected and fixed - then the glasses will not fly off during physical training and other antics and jumps).

    - carry a case with you, and before class, for example, with a gas mask, in advance to hide glasses there, in a case, in a pocket. Otherwise, with the command "gases" it will be difficult to shove glasses somewhere in a hurry).

    -If you can wear lenses, wear. This will remove some of the problems, but others will appear), such as where to store the lenses, where to get new ones and the liquid to keep them updated ...

    And in general, do not worry too much about your glasses, such as you are in bulk, especially after uni), and a year in total. By the way, I served for 1,5 years, also after graduation. It went fine!)

    Good luck!

  • If they beat, then no.

    But if you have a talent for music (in the orchestra) or a clerk with a beautiful handwriting, you can live happily with glasses in the army.

    Seriously, it is not glasses that go to the army, but a person.

    Study and go to graduate school - there are many who wear glasses !!!

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