Does a smart state prevent its citizens from earning money?

Does a smart state prevent its citizens from earning money?

  • A very wonderful question. A non-"smart" state, moreover, still considers itself much smarter than its citizens, and knows very well not only how to prevent citizens from making money, it also knows how to take away the money they have already earned from citizens. So, such a not smart state has enough ingenuity for this, but there is practically no foresight, because leaders and politicians in such a state, first of all, need to provide themselves and their relatives for 10 lives ahead with all the best. And the rest of the citizens will be killed somehow on cheap surrogates and in affordable housing. The people should not fatten too much, otherwise they will not have an incentive to work more than half of their lives tirelessly for the good of the state for meager salaries. So this business requires cunning and subtle calculation. The state always knows how to make itself better.

  • This is certainly true. After all, it is known that the richer the citizens, the richer the state. The task of the state is to create such conditions under which it will be profitable to work well and honestly. And for this, the country should have appropriate legislation and a mechanism for monitoring its observance.

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