On Hay Day, if you specify "not to race", does the quantity affect the number?

On Hay Day, if you specify "do not race", does the quantity affect the number?

  • The main and important condition when participating in races in There Day - this is the selection of rivals, because the victory often depends on the number of participants in the races. If someone from your community decides not to participate in the races, then they just need to disable this function in their settings. This will greatly facilitate the game for other participants, because the selection of communities is based on the number of those who have "participate in the races".

  • If you uncheck the box "participate in the races", then you will not be considered a player participating in the races. The number of points will be calculated only for those neighbors who participate in the races. You can also help the participants by chatting with them. The intermediate results of the races, as well as the race log, will not be available to you.

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