What films did Hiba Abuk star in, biography, personal life, photos?

What films did Hiba Abuk star in, biography, personal life, photos?

  • Hiba Abouk is one of the most beautiful and stylish Spanish actresses of the new generation.

    Hiba Abuk was born on October 30, 1986 in Madrid, in a family of immigrants from Tunisia, studied at a French lyceum, knows several foreign languages.

    Hiba Abuk has been acting in films since 2008, the most famous roles of the actress in the series: "Heart of the Ocean", "Cheers", "El Principe".

    What films did Hiba Abuk star in, biography, personal life, photos?

  • Films in which Hiba Abuk starred: Historias de Lavapies (2014) ... Rachida

    Pegada a tu almohada (2010) ... Marisa; short film


    Hiba Abuk is a Spanish actress of Libyan-Tunisian descent.

    Hiba Abuhris Benslimane was born in Madrid and is the youngest of four children. Her parents emigrated to Spain from Tunisia. Father is Libyan, mother is Tunisian. Hiba was brought up according to the requirements of Muslim culture. Until the age of 18 she studied at the French Lyceum in Madrid. At the age of 12, going on stage at a theater symposium at the Lyceum, she realized that she wanted to become an actress. For his dream, Hiba had to fight with his own family, which did not approve of her choice. Nobody supported me. So, at the age of 18, I plucked up the courage and left home, says the actress.

    The second passion of the actress after the stage is flamenco dancing, the third is to cook Tunisian tagine. Hiba Abouk also studied Arabic Philology and Drama at the Royal College of Dramatic Arts. In addition to Spanish and Arabic, she speaks French, English and Spanish.

    Hiba Abuk made her television debut in 2008 in a cameo on the series Ulysses Syndrome. But her acting career really began in 2010, when she starred in the series La isla de los nominados, then plays Guadalupe in the series Heart of the Ocean.

    The success of the actress comes when, in 2014, she plays the role of Fatima's teacher in the successful TV series El Principe. According to the actress, her Arab origin helped her to play this role.

    Hiba Abuk dated actress Hugo Silva, and the couple broke up in 2013. There were rumors about her relationship with El Principe partner Alex Gonzalez, but the actress denied them.

    The actress is considered one of the fashion icons in Spain. On July 7, 2014 in Madrid, Hiba Abuk was awarded the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards as an icon of female beauty.

    Photo by Hiba Abuk

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