In what year did telephone numbers in Moscow become seven-digit (cm)?

In what year did telephone numbers in Moscow become seven-digit (cm)?

  • The last answer is correct here. Moscow numbers have become seven-digit since January 1, 1968. And before that, there were two letters at the beginning of the number, they denoted the substation through which the call was going. And the number was six-digit. Since 1968, the letters have been removed, replacing them with numbers. And the numbers became seven-digit. 1968 Right answer

  • Seven-digit numbers in Moscow appeared at the very beginning of the 1960s; for some time six-digit (old) and seven-digit (new) numbers existed in parallel. In this case, 6-digit numbers could begin with the digits 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. All new 7-digit numbers started with 1. (as now, the two-digit emergency numbers began with 0).

    Since 1968, a 6 has been added to all 2-digit numbers in front, and as a result, all numbers have become 7-digit.

    Until about 1967, instead of the first digit in 6-digit numbers, and instead of the first two digits in 7-digit numbers, letters were used, then (even before the transition to 7-digit numbers) they began to officially record only in numbers.

    The correct answer is 1968. I still remember that ...

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