Is Communism Possible?

Is Communism Possible?

  • Communism is in principle possible, but only in the indefinite future, in a technocratic society in which robots will do all the dirty work for a person. Until humanity learns how to make such robots, people themselves will not do it at the behest of the soul. Accordingly, we are in such a society, all in the shit will choke. But in the dreams of high matters.

  • In order to answer this question, one must first of all decide: what kind of thing communism is ... Everyone knows what a "perpetual motion machine" is. And any student who is familiar with elementary physics will probably be able to explain whether it is possible or not. In the works of the famous writer V. Lenin, there is no unambiguous formulation of the category of communism. I think that Mr. Zyuganov will not formulate the concept of communism either. And if so, then it is not known which of the countries can generally be attributed to the communist regime. In order to build something, you need to at least imagine yourself what you want to have as a result, and what is important, be able to explain this to your comrades, assistants or employees.

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