Snake tongue. What is the name of?

Snake tongue. What is the name of?

  • Snakes have a sharp forked tongue that quickly protrudes from the mouth and disappears just as quickly. however, this is not a threat, because in this way the snakes try to identify the smells around them. The snake's tongue plays the role of an organ of smell for them. But for some reason, the people called this sharp tongue STING, although the tongue itself, of course, can neither sting nor bite.

  • The tongue of a snake, oddly enough, is called a sting.

  • The tongue of the snake is a sting.

    With the help of it, the animal feels the environment. Those. for example: takes air samples (learns about a small amount of substances dissolved in the air).

    And also thanks to this organ, the snake can find: a victim on the trail, sources of food / water, or even relatives.

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