Why do girls shave the floor of the head?

Why do girls shave the floor of the head?

  • In 2014-2015. the world was covered by the fashion for shaving a part of the hair. Actresses do it for the sake of the film (Natalie Dormer in the "Hunger Games"), simple girls just blindly follow fashion, want to look unusual, embody the dream of no hair, but not radically, shaving not the whole head, but half. Such a girl will surely notice what she needs. This is a kind of shocking, breaking stereotypes, the desire to express the double nature in this way: a gentle girl and a woman of emancipation.

  • In order to wash your hair faster and less shampoo was spent. On the head of the girl who smiles from your photograph, at one time half of the bubble, if not two thirds, would have gone. She decided to save shampoo, time and a hair dryer engine. Yes, and the creative does not blow, as the perfume from the perfume factory.

  • Probably, then, why do they get tattoos, piercings, tunnels in the ears. What is all this for?

    Several reasons are likely:

    • rebellion against everyday life, boredom, stagnation, swamp;
    • the desire to prove to myself that "I can";
    • to stand out from the crowd - even in this way;
    • perhaps this seems aesthetic to someone.

    Me shaved "half head" do not like it, I feel discomfort, which is unlikely to pass, even if you stay around for a long time, you constantly bump into the border between the "bald" part and the mane. The feeling that one of the two heads was blinded.

    By the way, the girl in the photo is very beautiful, she has a wonderful smile. But the hairstyle! As if a wig with a bald head slid to one side, I just want to pull it into place.))

    Even a completely bald head looks nicer and more aesthetic.

  • Girls shave their heads half because they like to experiment, what to change. They really like this style.

  • Probably in order to look "in a special way, not like everyone else." After all, I want to stand out, because I really want the attention of even strangers, if in the family or among familiar people it is not given. But this does not mean that it is approved by society, does it?

  • This happens for one reason, the head deprived of hair, better assimilates the sun's rays, which in turn contributes to the build-up of convolutions. You judge for yourself, in the old days, with typhoid, you cut your hair on your bald head. Well, it can hardly be called aesthetic. Many women grow their hair for decades, so that you can create a little fairy tale on your head. Women's hairstyle is romance, tenderness, sexuality and the formation of self-reliance. Well, why say so disfigure yourself? Personally, as a man, it causes dislike and disgust. To date, there is no conceivable amount women hairstyles created not only by shape and color but also by the dynamism of the color. No matter how you look, it is your hairstyle that exists in the world. You can’t constantly remodel your house, but you can regularly change your hairstyle, thereby creating the image of an interesting and mysterious woman. Hair, this is perhaps the best that nature has created for women. So use it!

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