100 to 1. What does a cat like?

100 to 1. What does a cat like?

  • Our cats love:

    • dog food
    • Whiskas / Felix
    • milk
    • sour cream
    • mice / birds
    • fish
    • meat
    • flies / wasps
    • summer weed
  • What does a cat like? All cats love yummy, especially:

    • milk;
    • sour cream;
    • meat;
    • sausage;
    • fish;
    • special weed;
    • indoor flowers;
    • cat food, sometimes dog food;
    • canned meat;
    • ice cream (my love)
  • If we assume that the cat is a gourmet, she may well love to eat cucumbers, cookies, seeds, raw minced meat. In any case, the cat who lived with me loved everything, although she did not disdain the previously listed milk, sour cream, sausage, kitiket, sausages and fish.

  • So what does a cat love, let's find out about it 🙂

    • Loves fish (various seafood)
    • Meat / sausage / ham / meatballs
    • Saw cats even eat watermelon / apples
    • Wiskas
    • Sour cream / curd
    • Mice / rats / birds

    That something like this.

  • If the cat is normal, then she will love organic food. He catches mice, loves meat, liver, raw eggs, sour cream, real fresh milk, cream and grass in front of the house. And, of course, fish and seafood. And if it’s urban, it can also love sausages in which there is no meat at all, sausage that does not even smell of meat, drink milk that doesn’t sour even if 3 is worth a day on the table, and not in the refrigerator. And if he sees a mouse, he will not know at all what to do with it. +

  • The cat loves to eat -


    Fish (even more than meat)


    Sour cream


    Cottage cheese,



    Mice (Oh! It's a delicacy)



    Sun, that is bad.

    Cats are different, of course. There are gourmands, and there are such as our cats and cats - omnivores. They drag everything that they have forgotten. From cutlets to crackers. They eat absolutely everything, do not disdain anything. And pasta, and bread, and cookies. I will keep silent about meat and fish products.

  • The cat loves to eat: mice, whiskas, kitteket, other dry food, meat, fish, sausage, soups, milk, bread, sour cream, birds, grass, cucumbers, watermelon, cutlets, sausages. but in general - that cats and cats can eat everything.

  • The answer to the game 100 to 1.What does a cat like?.

    Sour cream or cream, even ice cream.



    Cottage cheese.

    Mouse or rats.


    Any fish.




    And any other food, more delicious in cats.

  • All cats, like people, have different preferences, of course, but most cats love:

    1. Milk;
    2. Sour milk;
    3. Fish;
    4. Meat;
    5. Meat broth;
    6. Chicken;
    7. Canned fish;
    8. Canned meat;
    9. Special feline canned food;

    Some cats like eggs, sour cream, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. Mine, for example, in addition to everything listed on the list, loved a bun (if you roll the crumb into a ball). I didn't eat like that, but I adored it rolled into a ball. So understand them ...

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