What to do in the car on the way to another city?

What to do in the car on the way to another city?

  • Since I often travel with my spouse as a passenger, I can definitely tell you how to kill free time during the trip.

    I'll start, perhaps, with the banal:

    • sleep;
    • read a book or magazine;
    • play the game on a mobile phone or laptop (netbook or tablet);
    • listen to music and sing along to the beat (only if the driver and other passengers do not mind);
    • tell jokes or stories, but again, with the consent of those present;
    • work, including here, on the BV (usually I take a mobile modem for work);
    • Watch movies or videos on a notebook (netbook, tablet, mobile phone (smartphone) or video player).

    If you are riding in the back seat with someone, you can play cards or sea battle.

  • I know that my husband's passengers love to sleep on the way. This applies to those people who very early go to work in another city. Some girls on the way to another city finish their makeup. Agree, if you did not systematically get enough sleep because of an early trip to another city, you probably would not have the idea to entertain passengers by their communication, or solving a crossword puzzle. Since trips often take on a business character, the actions of passengers are extremely prosaic. No one wants to come to another city to work and then sleep at their desk. Did I understand correctly?

  • When we go by car somewhere except that we enjoy driving through the views of the places we talk. We carry on conversations on various topics from jokes to serious ones. You can still listen to music or take a nap.

    If you are traveling with children, then you can upload cartoons to the tablet or play in cities, names, etc.

  • If you are traveling with a company? You can play word games, for example. Remember the popular games: Cities, Telepath, Guess the melody. Or maybe you know some other interesting and exciting games? You see, there are many options for what to do in the car during a long road!

  • From time to time I have to travel long distances as a passenger, I will share my experience.

    1. The fastest time passes when you sleep on the road. But ... there are big buts. If you drive at night in the front seat next to the driver, it is dangerous to sleep, because sleep is contagious, the driver can also fall asleep and you risk never waking up at all. The second "but", which practically no one observes - it is generally dangerous to sleep in a moving car. During sleep, the cervical vertebrae relax, if it shakes strongly, the neck may break.
    2. Take along a camera and take interesting moments, of which there are plenty of them along the way. This is best done while sitting in the front seat, do not forget to wipe the windshield and side window before departure.
    3. Coloring the way is listening to music or audio books.
    4. You can, of course, read or knit, if vision allows.

  • On the road, you can take magazines, a newspaper with crosswords, a paper or electronic book and read.

    Download an audiobook and listen to e.

    If you learn a language, you can listen to audio lessons, audio books in that language or download a program for memorizing words (for example, Anki) on your smartphone and learn vocabulary.

    To knit. Other types of needlework, I think, should not be dealt with along the way.

    Play games on the phone, smartphone, tablet.

    Go online from your smartphone and do what you usually do - go to your favorite sites, read news, watch videos, etc.

    Watch a movie on a tablet, smartphone or netbook.

    If you drive past picturesque landscapes, you can shoot them on a camcorder or camera phone.

  • If you have a tablet, then watch a TV series or read a book, before the trip, as an option, do not get enough sleep and then sleep is sweet on the road. you can take crosswords, if you knit, then knitting will kill time well. I usually prefer to read a book or borrow magazines, newspapers.

  • Sitting in the car, you can listen to music, watch movies on a tablet or smartphone, surf the Internet. And of course, admire the scenery outside the window. You can take interesting photos along the way. And if you are traveling with children, then you definitely will not be bored. You will occupy them with games and conversations.

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