What did the iron lumberjack want to get (cm)?

What did the iron lumberjack want to get (cm)?

  • Of course, the heart. In a well-known cartoon, he wanted to get a heart, since he didn’t feel anything. The correct answer is HEART)))

  • Well, of course, the heart to feel, a good old fairy tale, I remember when I e read))

  • Iron Man wanted to get a HEART. Elly, the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Sneaky Lion walked into the Emerald City along a path of yellow brick. And everyone had his desire. Leo wanted to become brave, The scarecrow get brains, Ellie and Totoshka return home. The woodsman wanted a heart. If memory serves (read this book a long time ago), the heart was made of shlk and filled with sawdust.

  • What did you want to get an iron woodcutter?

    Easy question. This is a famous cartoon and as we know, the Tin Woodman wanted a heart because he was heartless. The correct answer would be the fourth option - Heart.

  • Many have read Volkov's trilogy "The Wizard of the Emerald City". Read all the books

    And those who read, it is known that the Tin Woodman, going to the Emerald City, wanted to ask the Wizard Goodwin to give him a heart.

    The woodcutter was made of empty iron and had no feelings and really wanted to have that heart.

    Scarecrow, who was out of straw wanted to gain brains.

    The cowardly lev- find courage.

    Ellie and Tatoshka wanted to go home.

    Only they did not know that Goodwin is not a magician, but in modern parlance - a charlatan.

    What did the iron lumberjack want to get (cm)?

  • In the fairy tale "The Wizard of the Emerald City" there were different characters who wanted to get something from the wizard Goodwin. The scarecrow did not have enough brains, that is what he wanted to get. The cowardly lion wanted courage. The lumberjack wanted to get his lost A heart.

    What did the iron lumberjack want to get (cm)?

  • Of course, the main dream of the woodcutter was the heart. Because it was the only organ that, in its iron form, could not fulfill its indirect purpose - the Lumberjack did not know how to love.

    And his friend Scarecrow just wanted to get the brains)

  • The correct answer from the above options will be the fourth option "HEART"

    Here you just need to remember the famous fairy tale by Alexander Volkov "The Wizard of the Emerald City", it was the heart that the woodcutter wanted to get, because he did not have it!

    What did the iron lumberjack want to get (cm)?

  • The Tin Woodman migrated to Volkov's fairy tale "The Wizard of the Emerald City"

    from "The Amazing Wizard of Oz" - a work of Blum, suffered because of love. As is often the case in life.

    Wanting to prevent his marriage with his beloved, the evil sorceress of Gingham ordered the enchanted ax to execute him, while subjected to an agonizing quartering. But the good blacksmith did not let the young man die and forged all parts of the body from iron. Except for the HEART, for which there was not enough metal. Without a heart, the Lumberjack could not feel and love. It was this important organ for him that the hero asked the good Goodwin.

    HEART- answer to a question

    For some reason, the plot with the Lumberjack's blacksmith's transformations reminded me of a modern fantasy epic about Robocop. And indeed, nothing is impossible in the world. They will soon learn to transplant the head ...

    What did the iron lumberjack want to get (cm)?

  • How is this cartoon famous? First of all, there is the famous fairy tale by S. Volkov "The Wizard of the Emerald City". It is precisely there that it is said in detail that one of the main characters, the Tin Woodman, wanted more than anything else to have a HEART. But the actions throughout the tale indicated that he was not at all heartless.

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