Julia Wang: height, weight. Julia Wang: biography

Julia Wang is known to us as the winner of the 15th season of the "Battle of Psychics". In fact, this leggy blonde has tons of other hobbies and talents. Want to know where Julia Wang was born and lived? Are you also interested in height, weight and parameters of her figure? The article contains information about this unusual girl.

Julia wang height and weight

Julia Wang: biography

The psychic was born on October 29 in 1981 in Germany. Since childhood, she was not like everyone else. She was not interested in dolls and toy houses. Julia preferred solitude. Even my mother could not understand why her daughter did not seek to communicate with her peers.

Julia Vladimirovna Wang is not a pseudonym. This is the real name of our heroine. She grew up in Latvia, went to a regular school. She always liked Riga. Indeed, in this city there are many sacred corners and places of power. From an early age, the girl had the gift of manipulating people. There was not a single case when she did not achieve what she wanted.


Julia Vladimirovna Wang does not like to talk about her childhood. You will see why later. Her mother has nothing to do with extrasensory perception. She is a nuclear physicist by profession. Tatyana Vladimirovna is an intelligent and serious woman. She fully supports and shares her daughter's hobby.

Julia Wang, whose biography is now interesting to many, has never seen her father. She herself is sure that he is not from this world. Tatyana Vladimirovna claims that in 1980 she had contact with an extraterrestrial being who appeared to her in the form of a man. The public has different attitudes towards her words. Some believe the woman, while others think she is crazy. There is another version. Allegedly, Julia Wang herself asked her mother to tell this story.

In an incomplete family, our heroine lived only the first few years of her life. Soon she had a stepfather. The obstinate Julia did not immediately have a relationship with him. And the man himself did not seek to find a common language with his stepdaughter. Scandals constantly arose in their house. And when the girl was 12 years old, her stepfather began to harass her. Julia had told her mother about this more than once. But she believed her husband. One day the girl smashed her stepfather's head when he climbed up to her again.

Our heroine left home early. At that time, she was barely 16 years old. She continued to study at school, and in her free time she worked part-time in the market. The girl lived with her friend. The mother secretly communicated with her stepfather and brought food.

Julia vladimirovna wang


At the age of seventeen, the blonde came to conquer Moscow. Then no one knew who Julia Wang was. Height and weight allowed the girl to build a brilliant modeling career. She could not help but take this chance. But we'll talk about this later.

Our heroine successfully passed the entrance tests and was enrolled in GITIS. After 5 years, she received a diploma of graduation from the university. From then on, Julia could call herself a professional actress. But even this was not enough for her. The girl enrolled in the French school of perfumery. The ability to combine ingredients, incredible smells still brings her a good income.

Whoever Julia Wang did not work. Height and weight helped her to make a good acting and modeling career. Over the years, she has been a hairdresser, costume designer and even a singer. The well-known psychic performed cameo roles in such films as "Tumbler", "Day Watch", "Balzac's Age, or All Men Are Their Own ..." and others. She always found herself activities to her liking.

Julia wang height weight biography

Julia Wang (psychic): height, weight

Our heroine has a peculiar appearance. Some consider her strange and scary, while others call her the standard of female beauty. But nowhere in the world can you find such a second as Julia Wang. Do you know the height and weight of this girl? If not, then we are ready to share information. With a height of 178 cm, the blonde weighs only 52 kg.

Some girls would like to be as flamboyant as Julia Wang. The height, weight of a blonde is not the only thing that distinguishes her from thousands of women. She has a humanoid face. This is especially evident when Julia wears a long ponytail. She also has chameleon eyes. Under different lighting conditions, they can be green, blue or gray. And when a girl is angry, her eyes become venomous snake.

Julia wang height and weight

Model career

Until a few years ago, we did not know who Julia Wang was. The height, weight, age of the blonde beauty was of little interest to anyone. She was just starting her way in the world of show business.

London, New York, Paris, Milan - all these cities were visited by Julia Wang. Parameters, height, weight allowed her to become a successful model. The leggy blonde has starred in commercials, music videos and short films. She posed for the best European and American photographers. She was invited to work as a model for hairstyles and make-up. Julia Wang, height, weight, whose biography we are considering today, attracted everyone with its brightness and originality. But at that time, no one knew about the presence of her superpowers.

According to Julia, she rethought her life after reading the book "Tao of Chaos". The girl was seriously carried away by esotericism. Before coming to the "Battle of Psychics", our heroine went through many years of practice. Only close people knew about her powerful inner strength and other abilities.

Julia wang biography

"The fight of extrasensories"

From the first minutes of her appearance on the show, Julia Wang attracted everyone's attention. Some participants were afraid to accidentally look into the "cat's" eyes of a witch. And the eternal skeptics, the Safronov brothers, constantly teased the blonde. They did not believe that the former model and actress had any kind of paranormal abilities. The brothers believed that she came to the program to promote herself.

But soon the guys realized that they were wrong. Already in the qualifying test, the blonde showed herself as a strong psychic. She quickly found the young lady, whom the Safronovs hid in the trunk of one of the cars. It was evident that Julia did not guess the location of the girl, but felt it.

In each episode, Wang delighted the audience with bright makeup, original outfits and phenomenal abilities. Looking at the photographs of the dead people, she talked about them as if she knew them personally. In one of the tests, Julia scared even a professional psychologist. In a matter of seconds, the psychic managed to put the girl into a trance, forcing her to speak in an unknown language.

Wang's main competitor in the show was the St. Petersburg witch Tatyana Larina. The two blondes disliked each other from the first meeting. Throughout all the releases, they went head to head.

Julia wang psychic height weight

Winner of the 15th season of "Battle of the Psychics"

For three and a half months, viewers watched as people with supernatural abilities were tested. Every week, the project was abandoned by one psychic, whom the panel of judges recognized as the weakest. The presenter was sure to be present. Julia has repeatedly become the best psychic of the week. But sometimes this title was given to her main rival - Tatyana Larina.

4 participants reached the final. The fans supported them as best they could. First of all, with your SMS. In the latest issue of the "Battle of Psychics" presenter Marat Basharov announced the results of the vote. The fourth place was taken by Arseniy Karadzha. On the honorable third step is the Slavic sorceress Yekaterina Borisova. As expected, the main struggle took place between the two blondes. Tatyana Larina took second place. And Julia Wang was recognized as the winner of the 15th season of the "Battle of Psychics" (70% of the votes). Height, weight, biography of the witch - all this aroused incredible interest among her fans.

Life after the "Battle"

After participating in a paranormal show, our heroine woke up famous. On the streets, strangers approached her, asked for an autograph and a joint photo. Julia treated her fans with respect.

Representatives of print media and TV channels also show remarkable interest in Wang. She is invited to take part in various programs, she is asked to give interviews. Julia continues to create exclusive perfumes. She also writes songs and sings with her own rock band.

Julia wang parameters height weight

Past lives

Julia Wang asks to call her nothing but the Spirit of Chaos. She doesn't think she has any magical powers. Why is that? Wang publicly declares that she is magic. Believe it or not - it's up to each of us.

In one of the interviews, the psychic said that she remembers all her past lives. And there were about 150 of them. She managed to try on both female and male looks. In her last life, Wang was a 15-year-old girl living in Paris. Constant difficulties and depression forced her to jump off the roof and crash to death.

Personal life

Despite her bright appearance and army of fans, Julia Wang is still lonely. She had dizzying romances with men. But she will marry only someone like herself. Wang openly says that he is unlikely to ever decide on a child.

In conclusion

Now you know where Julia Wang was born, studied and worked. The height, weight of the psychic was also announced in the article. You can treat this long-legged blonde in different ways. But hardly anyone will argue with the fact that she is a bright and distinctive person.

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