It does not see, do not hold in hands, do not hear with your ear (see)? What answer?

It does not see, do not hold in hands, do not hear with your ear (see)? What answer?

  • I met this long and beautiful mystery in one of the entertaining mobile applications.

    The answer is 4 letters.

    I picked up the answer DARK. He came up.

    Darkness and not to hear and not hold, in general, all the conditions of the riddle are met.

  • A little sad you made a riddle, the answer to this riddle will be darkness.

    After all, in the darkness nothing is visible, darkness or darkness really was at the beginning and will be at the very end. At the same time, darkness will truly be the end of any life.

  • Very interesting mystery. This is one of the mysteries of Bilbo and Gollum. For those who read Tolkien or watched a movie "The Hobbit" probably not difficult to give the right answer. But it is worth trying and solving this rather ingenious riddle.

    Perhaps, it is very correctly noted that "she was in the beginning and will be after all" - this is darkness, a person is born and sees the light, dies and darkness sets in (ends any life). Laughter kills - in the dark it is scary and not at all funny. Darkness is characterized by piercing silence, darkness cannot be touched, it envelops with a veil of mystery, it is impossible to discern anything in it, only images created by the imagination. It is not for nothing that they say "dark as in a pit". The correct answer is DARK or DARKNESS.

  • A completely sad puzzle, even more likely, a gloomy one. Of course, we are talking about darkness. Darkness reigns over the sky, it is space, darkness at the bottom of the pit. It all started with a big bang, and before that there was darkness, in any case, according to one of the versions, well, it all ends in darkness.

    The answer is darkness.

  • A very beautiful and sad mystery suggests sadness and makes you think about our vain world and about the unknown infinity. Riddles are often uncharacteristic of excessive seriousness and philosophical meaning, but this task amazes with the accuracy of statements about the darkness or the dark... Indeed, she was before us, and will be after us, because darkness is something transcendent and immaterial.

    The answer is darkness or darkness.

  • When there is no light, it is very difficult to see something. Without it, almost no life, do not bloom plants. But at the same time, without it, everything begins and ends. It's about darkness.

    The correct option: darkness or darkness

  • An interesting mystery. The answer is obvious, but many still do not know him. Dark or darkness two answers that fit. So look at the number of letters in the hidden word and choose the correct answer in your riddle.

  • It does not see, do not hold in hands, do not hear with your ear (see)? What answer?

    The correct answer to this serious, and not at all joking, riddle will be the word "darkness" or "darkness"... Or another option - "dark". These are all synonymous. Choose any of these words. They sound different, but they denote the same word and phenomenon.

    It does not see, do not hold in hands, do not hear with your ear (see)? What answer?


    Indeed, it cannot be touched. And we do not see what "darkness" is, how it looks, who or what it looks like. We simply see the whole space filled with black light, in which, as the folk sages say, "not a single thing is visible."

    Darkness in the form of shadows lurks in the ravines, under the snags, under dense thickets, even on a sunny afternoon.

    And if there were no sun, and total darkness would reign, then all life on earth would perish. From cold and fear.

    So the answer to this riddle is: -Darkness-.

  • Very interesting and difficult riddle.

    She could be heard in one fantastic film, like The Hobbit is called

    So the correct answer is: dark or darkness

    It is not possible to hear her ear and in the hands you can not hold

    It is difficult, but if you look at it, you can assume an approximate answer to this riddle.

  • Pondering on the lines of this riddle from the movie The Hobbit, which Gollum made with Bilbo, they seem eternal and regal, and this is everywhere, so the answer will be Darkness, which can be described in the riddle

    properties, as well as the answer can be the single-root word Darkness and Darkness.

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