Garbuz for Ukrainian matchmakers. What does it mean?

Garbuz for Ukrainian matchmakers. What does it mean?

  • Among my acquaintances, it has always been believed that the harmelon is a watermelon, they even composed some songs of their own, replacing the word watermelon with a harmelon. There are many different traditions, one of which is to give the same garmel - a pumpkin - such an action means failure from the wedding. Taking into account the fact that several suitors could come to marry, then one of them was definitely given a harbor.

  • Garbuz, or just watermelon in Russian, means complete failure for Ukrainian matchmakers. When the matchmakers are handed a "harbuz", it means that the groom is finally refused and this is clear without words.

    In Ukraine, in addition to matchmaking, this word is used when a person is going to take up an idea, and those around him, not believing in success, tell him: "Go ahead, try it, but if you get a" harbuza "?" That is, the case may not burn out. A person can fail.

  • Actually, "harbuz" is "pumpkin", and "watermelon" in Ukrainian is "kavun" !!!!!!!!

  • Immediately I remember the film "Maxim Perepelitsa", when he was hiding behind the cellar and was afraid that his girlfriend had prepared a harmelon for him. After all, earlier, if a girl handed a harmelon to the boyfriend who wooed her, she made it clear that she was refusing to marry

    For Ukrainian matchmakers, getting a garbuz means RENOUNCEMENT.

  • Many people in Siberia do not know that the harmelon is not a distorted version of the name of a delicious and beautiful watermelon berry, but the Ukrainian name for a pumpkin. And even more so, we have not heard of the tradition of giving out a pumpkin to the groom's matchmakers as a symbol of disagreement with marriage. That is, the meaning of such a gift is REFUSAL.

  • In Ukraine, a pumpkin is called a harbor. If Ukrainian matchmakers received a garbuz, this meant a refusal. The custom arose a long time ago. Sometimes several grooms could come to the bride's house, so someone just needed to be treated to a garbuzz.

  • The expression "to give a harmelon" can be translated as refusing to get married. This means that the girl does not want to marry exactly this boy (guy), from whom the matchmakers came. But this does not mean at all that the guy can no longer woo this girl.

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