Where can I get cotton in the Zombie Farm?

Where can I get cotton in the Zombie Farm?

  • Cotton wool in the game Zombie Farm is a rather expensive material to create, because to make cotton wool you need to build Stonehenge 2 paper and 5 gears. The cost of one cotton wool in a zombie farm is 2 zombies, however, cotton wool can be obtained for completing the following quests:

    • Home in the mine;
    • Anxiety;
    • 13 Marathon;
    • 32 marathon;
    • Request;
    • Crawl.
  • In this game, as I recall, cotton wool is a pretty necessary material sometimes, if, for example, you decide to build "On Alpha", "Gates", "Babylon", "Joker", "Alpine House", "Blue Tangle" , "pass 3"; or if you need to create foam or carbon fiber. So where to get it? The simplest thing is to buy for zombies, one roll will cost you 2 zombies. If you feel sorry for them, and you have the necessary materials and access to the Scary Island to build "Stonehenge", in which for 2Paper and 5Gears you will receive 1Vata. You can get it after completing some quests - "home in the mine", "alarm", marathon 13,32 "," request "," crawl. "Do not forget about the suitcases from the neighbors, I managed to find cotton wool there, as well as Wishlist, maybe one of the neighbors will decide to help you, or exchange with you for something else.

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