100 Doors: Seasons game, how to pass the 9 level?

100 Doors: Seasons game, how to pass the 9 level?

  • On the ninth level of the game, there is a poster on the left side and a snowman on the right side. The task is to put on a snowman. To do this, click on the poster and move to the side. Behind him there will be a hat, take it and put it on the snowman. Next, a scarf on the left. Take the sides on the tree and place them on the snowman. Then you can move on to the next level.

    100 Doors: Seasons game, how to pass the 9 level?

  • The goal of the ninth level of the game is to dress the snowman.

    First you need to find the hat, it is behind the poster.

    Next, you need to find a scarf: it hangs on the tree on the left.

    That's all there is to it at this level.

  • Level 9 in the game "Game 100 Doors: Seasons", walkthrough:

    To complete this level you need to dress a snowman, as shown in the poster. To do this, move the poster and find a hat that needs to be put on the snowman, a scarf will hang on the left side of the bow, we also take it and put it on the snowman.

  • In the game Game Game 100 Doors: Seasons, in order to complete the ninth level, you will first have to put a hat and a scarf on the snowman. The hat and scarf can be found on the floor, they are visible, you just need to poke at them. The hat can be found behind the poster, and the scarf can be found near the tree. Put everything on a snowman and the door will open in front of you, and you can go to the next level.

  • The main clue in 100 Doors Seasons is the poster to the left of the front door. As you can see, there is a snowman to the right of the door, but the difference with the poster is only in the green scarf and hat. It is these accessories that must be put on the snowman in order for the door to open.

  • In Game 100 Doors Seasons at the next level 100 we have to find the snowman's hat and scarf. In the snow, we see a poster, which we shift to the right and behind it we find a hat, which we send to inventory. Then we put a hat on the snowman and start searching scarf, which we find on the tree. We send the scarf to the inventory, and from there - to the neck of our snowman. The door opens, and we consider level 9 passed.

    9 Doors: Seasons Level 100 Walkthrough can be viewed in the video below (at 1:10 minutes).

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