Game 94% Is it nice when you're sick?

Game 94% Is it nice when you're sick?

  • It's nice when you are sick:

    1. Caring - The first answer is 42%.
    2. Rest - we top up the balance by 22%.
    3. Tea - 14% voted for the answer.
    4. Sweets - the answer is gaining 10%.
    5. Fruit - add 4 percent.
    6. Heat - add 2 percent.
  • Game 94% Is it nice when you're sick?

    Win 42 percent for answering in the biggest square - Care;

    22 percent we get by answering - Holidays;

    We will earn 14 percent by answering - Tea;

    10 percent is due for association with pleasantness - Confection;

    4 percent will count as an answer - Fruit;

    2 percent is credited for the answer - Heat.

  • In the first place is the association "care", it is always pleasant, this answer brings 42%. Next comes the rest answer, for which you can get 22%. Slightly less - 14% for tea. We will earn 10% if we answer "sweets", 4% will answer "fruits", and 2% will be warm.

  • The Most Important Square will open - Care 47

    Following her, the answer is - Rest 22

    Right behind him, the correct answer is Tea 14

    To continue the list of answers - Sweets 10

    Another clue to the game - Fruit 4

    Final tip for players - Heat 2

  • The first correct answer - (42%) - Caring;

    The second correct answer is (22%) - Rest;

    The third correct answer - (14%) - Tea;

    The fourth correct answer - (10%) - Sweets;

    Fifth correct answer - (4%) - Fruit;

    The sixth correct answer is (2%) - Heat.

  • 42 percent - the answer is Caring;

    22 percent answered Rest;

    14 percent - Tea;

    10 percent - the answer is Sweets;

    4 percent - the answer is Fruit;

    2 percent - Answer Heat.

    These will be the correct answers to this question.

  • The question is from the field of health, from the popular game 94% and the players are asked whether it is really pleasant when you are sick, but let's say for children it is always a joy, because they do not need to go to school or kindergarten, and mom takes sick leave and takes care of the child at home, which means that he completely pays his attention to him, offers sweets and takes care of him. But this is how the list looks, in principle, during an illness:

    The patient receives care from everyone who surrounds him at home, as well as attention and participation, and this was estimated at 42%.

    Rest - during illness, a person in any case has a break and he does not go to work, and this answer gets 22%.

    Tea - at this moment, a lot of tea with raspberries, or honey is drunk, and this is a huge benefit and will add 14% to the player.

    Sweets - during illness, mothers give them to their children to cheer them up and 10% is charged for the answer.

    Fruit is also always brought for the patient, because natural vitamins are contained there and for the answer we get 4%.

    Heat - it is maintained in the patient's environment and this will be 2%.

  • When you don't feel well, you need, first of all, peace. I also really want someone to show their care, help and pamper. The most frequently encountered were the following answers to the game:

    1 (42%) - Caring;

    2 (22%) - Rest;

    3 (14%) - Tea;

    4 (10%) - Sweets;

    5 (4%) - Fruit;

    6 (2%) - Heat.

  • In our game, 94% on the topic "it's nice when you are sick", we get the following correct associations:

    1. The most popular answer with us, we are surrounded by - CARE - 42%
    2. When we are sick, we have a small - RECREATION - 22%
    3. During illness, raspberry helps well - TEA - 14%
    4. When we are sick, we all love to receive - SWEETS - 10%
    5. During illness, they carry so much necessary for us - FRUIT - 4%
    6. And our last association, the patient needs - HEAT - 2%

    Have a good game!

  • Of course, there is little pleasant in illness, except that you do not have to go to work. Here are the associations with the disease:

    CARE 42% from relatives;

    And also REST 22%;

    Constantly TEA 14% with jam;

    And all kinds of SWEETS 10%;

    And also fresh and juicy FRUIT 4%;

    AND HEAT 2%.

  • The correct answers to this level in the game "94%":

    The first answer is "care" scored 42% of all associations.

    The second answer is "relaxation" scored 22% of all associations.

    The third answer is "tea" scored 14% of all associations.

    The fourth answer is "sweets" scored 10 of all associations.

    The fifth answer is "fruits" scored 4% of all associations.

    The sixth answer is "heat" scored 2% of all associations.

  • 42 percent maximum for the first answer - Caring;

    22 percent of the second square of the answer is Rest;

    14 percent third place - Tea;

    10 percent fourth correct answer - Sweets;

    4 percent fifth option - Fruit;

    2 percent minimum last try - Heat.

  • 94 percent game, right answers.

    In the first position, the correct answer is Care - users will get 42 percent.

    In second place is the correct answer - Holidays - the user will be credited with 22 percent.

    In third place, the correct answer was - Tea - for such an answer, players will be charged 14 percent.

    In fourth place is the correct answer - Confection - for this answer, players will be charged 10 percent.

    In fifth position, the correct answer is Fruit - 4 percent will be charged for the answer.

    In the sixth and last place, the correct answer is - Heat - for such an answer, the players will be added - 2 percent.

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