What was the name of porridge porridge in a soldier's milieu?

What was the name of porridge porridge in a soldier's milieu?

  • Those who served in the army certainly do not laugh in the circus, but any former campaigner can answer this question. I am from this category, so I can easily answer that in our army environment, barley porridge is still called simply and clearly - "SHRAPNEL".

  • This name was transferred from the soldier environment, which is mentioned in the question, into colloquial speech. After all, the soldiers all someday demobilize and tell their families about their life in military service, including how they were fed.

    The name is simple and consonant with the environment in which it appeared. Barley is called shrapnel, this will be the correct answer to this question.

    What was the name of porridge porridge in a soldier's milieu?

  • Barley porridge in a soldier's life is the main dish and therefore it will forever remain in the memory of conscripts. And in the soldier's environment, this porridge got such a nickname as "shrapnel" due to the fact that it was not constantly cooked in the army and it was half blue or with a bluish tint.

    So, the correct answer is SHRAPNEL.

  • What was the name of pearl barley porridge in a soldier's environment? The correct answer to this question is SHRAPNEL. This is exactly what the barley porridge was called in the soldier's environment, because it had a bluish color due to the fact that barley was often not cooked to readiness.


  • Barley porridge is one of the most common dishes in the army. Pearl barley itself is not very satisfying, however, in combination with fatty carcass, it is a high-calorie and nutritious product that soldiers need. From them came the name, which was attached to pearl barley and in "civilian life" - the answer: "Shrapnel".

  • In a soldier's environment, barley porridge could be called differently, but for some reason I can almost confidently say that the correct answer to this cool question would be a word of eight letters - shrapnel. It was shrapnel that was called pearl barley porridge in the soldier's environment.

  • The correct answer would sound like SHRAPNEL.

    A good characteristic for not the most delicious porridge. As soon as it is eaten at all. In my opinion, it is only suitable for livestock feed, no matter how it is prepared.

  • Barley porridge is a constant product in the diet of soldiers. And the soldiers, as you know, are very sharp-tongued. Therefore, it was pearl barley that had a lot of "nicknames". It is called "perlophane", and "bolts", and "bubi". In our question, we are interested in the name "shrapnel", since barley porridge, in the opinion of the soldiers, is similar to the type of artillery shells designed to defeat the enemy.

    What was the name of porridge porridge in a soldier's milieu?

  • Of course, soldier's food does not pretend to be haute cuisine and the names of the varieties of soldier's food also do not consist of pretentious epithets and ornate words. For example, the common barley porridge in the army was called "shrapnel", very interesting, in my opinion.

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