How to defeat IGIL, is it even possible?

How to defeat IGIL, is it even possible?

  • Sure you may!

    They do not live in an airless space - you need to eat, drink, feed families (send money), ammunition, weapons, other military equipment, communications, clothes, shoes, ..., pay for civilian services, ...,

    do not buy oil and other minerals from them, do not sell what they need,

    and those who violate such prohibitions (sanctions under the auspices and under the control of the UN - not today, funny and not obligatory for anyone ...) to imprison until life!

    But it is better for them to bomb Assad's Syrian troops and Turkish Kurds fighting against ISIS - it should be concluded that the United States needs ISIS and it is not clear on whom and what to launch air strikes, just a PR move - "You see, they are also enemies for us, we are fighting them! "

  • Remember, often in horror films, the main character says the phrase: "We do not know what we are dealing with."

    ISIS is a monster, and the world has not yet understood what it is dealing with. You cut off one of their heads, and it grows 10. If you do not give them something or forbid them, they will come and take it themselves. This is a cancerous tumor. ISIS is primarily an ideology. This is the antipode of Western values, their gravedigger. They are already among us - from decent families, smart and educated, who got sick of the cynicism of "Western" democracies, double standards, tolerance that destroys Christian values.

    The historical mission is to destroy the old world order, perish, and clear a place for the new.

    There were Huns, Mongol-Tatars, fascists, now their turn.

  • Why do we need someone to win? Let them sort it out among themselves there. My opinion is that the habit of getting into other people's affairs has not led anyone else to anything good. They are building their own state there, and at home, on their own land. The whole world for some reason does not agree, they climb there with weapons, bombing raids, instructors, specials. services. Only when they got it in the teeth with a howl, they run out and think about how to kill, destroy, and strangle this new state of theirs. Aggression and evil produce only the same in response. Maybe the whole world needs to calm down, let them figure it out on their own? Take neutrality with the whole world. Let the USA, Europe, Russia not go there. It was these countries that started a war there by helping the opposing sides with the means of warfare. Everyone is looking for their geopolitical interest in these long-suffering lands. The United States and Europe want free gas and oil, Russia needs dictator Assad to prevent them from free, ISIS needs its own state. Who is right? In my opinion, the one who is at home, on his land, is right and let them build whatever they want, and we'll see. From the side. And to win means shedding a lot of other people's blood of non-wine people and children in a foreign land, under the banner of goodness and democracy. It is not a fact that it will get better, far from a fact. Iraq was also defeated, so what ??? Is it better for someone? Afghanistan was defeated and what ??? Has it gotten better? It is not necessary to defeat anyone, especially since it is far from us, it is not necessary to participate in this massacre (Russia is directly involved in all this, helping the Assad regime with weapons and supplying its fighters to Iraq to fight ISIS). Because in this world there is a law and it is called "boomerang". Sow death, then prepare for the harvest. The time will come and this law will make itself felt, will put everything in its place. It is better for us to spend this money now on ourselves, and they warm us up through the media in order to get involved in another adventure.

  • You know, it is useless to fight with these peoples, the Soviet leadership was convinced of this when they sent our guys to Afghanistan, and Russia, when Chechnya broke out. You can't do anything with them, you can win a battle, but not a war. Remember from Bondarchuk's film "9th Company" the phrase uttered by the officer (played by Alexei Serebryakov), just before the trip of the heroes of the film to Afghanistan: "Throughout history, no one has ever been able to defeat Afghanistan." So it is: try to figure out how many people there are in the mountains, what secret passages they have there. And you need to take into account that they are Muslims, but also with their own certain faith, let's say, militant. And what the US has done in Iraq and Libya has led to the fact that now all the militant Muslims have united into one state.

    And this is very scary. Although Arab terrorists used to instill fear in the whole world, but now they have declared a state. Do you understand? Not about the group, but about the state, which means that they now have enough opportunities to declare themselves in this way. From this we can conclude that ISIS will not soon resign, if it resigns at all in the coming decades. These guys will really fight to the end, because killing an unbeliever means getting into their Arab paradise.

    So my answer is: ISIS is for a very long time. I must say a big thank you to the Americans, in the main they provoked its appearance. Although, it is quite possible that this very Islamic state was created with their submission, they say that Bin Laden was also a pupil of the American special services.

    Nothing can be stated unequivocally. But defeating militant Muslims is impossible.

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