How to pass 160 level game Planet gems?

How to pass 160 level game Planet gems?

  • When passing the 160 level of the game, the planet of gems try to, that the stones fell on a bomb. Then a purple totem aimed at the first bomb will kill the fourth bomb. Also purple totem induced on the last bomb, kill the first one. A green totem with minimal moves kills a bomb. Red totem kills two bombs.

  • How to pass the planet 160 level gems

  • Everyone wants to know how to get through the 160 level of the Planet Gems game. In the official VKontakte group, a hint finally appeared, perhaps it will correct the situation, how to pass this level, tips in this picture on the right:

    How to pass 160 level game Planet gems?

  • In order to pass level 160 of the popular game on social networks "Planet of Gems", you must try to improve the totems to the maximum level, with the help of which you get rid of the bombs. Then you need to collect a combination that gives a bonus shooting vertically. Use a water totem to knock down two bombs, and the rest will work out by itself, especially if you collect profitable combinations.

  • Unfortunately, the passage in the game Planet Gems is not linear and the 160 level is not so simple. To pass the 160 level is best if the stones fall on the bomb, if it does not make sense to play and there is no, because without stones on the bomb the level will not be possible to pass. During the game we take the purple totem, destroy the first bomb with it and with it the fourth one is destroyed. We destroy the first totem with a red totem, it will destroy the second, here’s an approximate 160 level.

  • This level is not as simple as it seems. The secret to passing 160 level is that you need to improve the totems to the maximum. After that, you need to try to create a bonus that is down. Use a water totem so that 2 bombs can be shot down immediately. And then everything will turn out by itself.

  • At this level, the "Gem Planet" can be saved by a combination.

    Totem purple indicate the first bomb and then you can remove the fourth bomb.

    And if the purple totem indicates the last one, then the first one is removed.

    A bomb that has the least number of moves can remove a green totem.

    A green bombs in the amount of two pieces can remove the totem in red, if they point to the first bomb.

    And it will help a lot if you are lucky and on a bomb standing vertically suddenly monochrome gems will fall out. Then the level can be considered passed.

    The level is complicated, but with the help you can cope with it.

  • To pass the 160th level of the game "Planet of Gems" we are given 10 moves, which must be used as rationally as possible. So, you need to collect combinations of gems so that lightning is formed. With the help of them, we can break the bombs. Bombs are also broken with totems. We use the second totem on the left 2 or 3 bombs located below, while 2 bombs will be broken. Totems should only be used on bombs. Use the fourth totem to remove the cube in the center.

  • To pass the 160 level of the game Planet of Gems, you need to try to ask the gods for a successful combination, namely, so that stones fall on the vertical bomb.

    1. The purple totem will remove the 4 th bomb when you hover on the first bomb.
    2. A purple totem when hovering over the last bomb will remove the first bomb.
    3. The green totem will remove the bomb with the smallest number of moves.
    4. The red totem will immediately remove two green bombs when hovering over the first one.
  • To pass the 160 level of the game follow the following tips:

    first, the purple totem is pointed at the first bomb, then the fourth bomb is removed from you,

    secondly, the purple totem is aimed at the last bomb, thus eliminating the first bomb,

    thirdly, the green totem eliminates the bomb, which has the least moves,

    Fourthly, a red totem can remove two green bombs if you hover the totem on the first bomb.

    All good luck in the game!

  • In order to pass level 160 in the game "Planet of Gems", it is necessary that at least several identical gems for the movement of the bomb fall near it. If this does not happen, then you must restart the game and start over. In the event that you are lucky, you need to move the fallen totem with a bomb and then clear yourself, and most importantly, a part of the playing field will be updated. Next, you need to move the green totem with the greatest number of moves on the bomb and thereby remove it. And then you can create a combo of 5 gems and create lightning. Something like this.

  • To pass the 160th level of the game "Planet of Gems", you need to act in the following sequence:

    1) we aim the purple totem on the 1st bomb - it removes the 4th one, and it, in turn, when hovering over the last one, breaks the 1st one.

    2) green totem remove the bomb with the smallest number of moves.

    3) then we direct the red totem on the 1-th green bomb, and it is removed and the second one.

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