How to make 10 photos with buddies in Avatar?

How to make 10 photos with buddies in Avatar?

  • You need to go to a photo studio, offer to take a picture, choose a friend, add a friend, choose poses and take a picture. At the same time poses need to choose different for themselves and friends. Do everything right in steps and everything will turn out.

    1. We go to the location "Photo studio" along with the number of friends indicated in the assignment (please pay attention to this, since it is for this reason that your assignment may not be counted). For example, five people are indicated - take five buddies with you. They will be counted as a "friend" and a wife or bridegroom, so take them too, if you can.
    2. Click on the camera in the "Photo Studio". We choose a pose for our character, invite friends to take a picture, choose poses for friends (if the task specifies the number of different poses, do as many as required, perhaps the task is not counted for this reason). It is also important to choose exactly the location that is indicated in the assignment.
    3. We photograph.
    4. Repeat the same action nine more times.

    If you did everything correctly, but the task still does not count, contact Support or directly to one of the game's community managers. They will help you solve the problem.

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