How to sew a wide belt of leather?

How to sew a wide belt of leather?

  • I ordered in the studio. I was offered to bring a pattern and took from Ottobre magazine, it seems so called. And I had Burda fashionable. To be honest, not sure exactly from which magazine the pattern was taken, but I really liked the result. It looks like a strip of rectangle and ears of leather. It is also possible to do it yourself - a strip of skin is strengthened and ears of such length are sewn in so that you can tie them around the waist. You can also sew not only from the skin.

  • How to sew a wide belt of leather?

    Sew leather quite simple, if a special foot. It is possible without it, but of course you will have to try not to break through the skin and not to spoil the belt.

    Staple Belt can be several in ways. But they are all simple and do not require special skills.

    Let's consider some variants.

    • we need to cut out rectangular leather. The dimensions are forty centimeters by sixteen centimeters.

    It is worth glueing dublerinom. But do not need the whole part, just the upper part of the rectangle. Then we will need a tape long about 90 centimeters. It will be sewn into the side seams. And then we sew everything on a typewriter. It is important to postpone the belt to the edge.

    The second way:

    • rekryvaem rectangles. Only this time we need to measure the waist and plus two centimeters so that the fastener can be fastened later, and the width is thirty centimeters. Next, we sew again, using the example of the upper version. The belt can be connected with a special tape. Then it is worth sewing, for example, a decorative lace (it costs a penny, but is perfect for creating an original belt), which will fulfill the role of a thin belt.
      How to sew a wide belt of leather?

    Just add that you should not hope that the belt will drag down unnecessary centimeters).

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