What car does Marina Afrikantova have?

What car does Marina Afrikantova have?

  • The participant of the show Dom-2 Marina Afrikantova never spoke in her interviews about the presence of her own car. However, a photo is circulating on the network where she is near the white convertible of the German brand BMW. It is quite possible that this is her personal car.

  • Marina Afrikantova, a participant in the reality TV show House 2, owns a white BMW convertible. This car is a gift from Yegor Kholyavin to Marina, this is how this guy looks after Marina!

    What car does Marina Afrikantova have?

  • As far as we know, the participant of House-2 Marna Afrikantova has a car, which she received as a gift. The car is of the German brand BMW, its color is white, and the body type is a convertible. Here are just photos where she is driving this car, which raises doubts.

  • Marina Afrikantova, with her participation in the House 2 project, achieved that she was presented with a German BMW car.

    And only people in love make such luxurious gifts. She received her white horse from Yegor Kholyavin.

    I wonder if this is her car or just a photo of her next to the car.

  • The white BMW convertible shown in the photo is not Marina Afrikantova's car at all. This is the car of Yegor Kholyavin, who just drove it on it.

    It is possible that Marina Afrikantova also has her own car, but she never mentioned it anywhere. And the fans didn't see her at the wheel.

  • As far as my memory serves, but Marina has her own car of a very famous brand. I really like these cars, as they are always super prefixed. it is a German-made car, from one of the best, if not the best land in Germany, Bavaria - BMW.

  • Marina Afrikantova has a car, it is a white BMW convertible. The girl got it as a gift from fans. There is little information on this issue on the network, but there is still one photo confirming there, Marina is there against the background of this car.

  • Marina Afrikantova is a participant in the TV project house 2, the audience and the participants in the TV project consider her boring and uninteresting.

    But there is one member whose name is Yegor, he is very in love with Marina and in one of the issues of House-2, having invited Marina on a date, Yegor gave her a car - a BMW. The color of her car is white.

  • Marina Afrikantova has a BMW - a convertible. Her current boyfriend gave her to her on another date when he was trying to win the girl. Now the couple is resting and building love on the Seishills. But not everything is so smooth in their relationship.

  • Marina Afrikantova has one iron horse. This is a BMW car. White convertible car. The girl did not buy this car for herself, fans gave it to her. Not a cheap gift.

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