What benefits does the mother-heroine have?

What benefits does the mother-heroine have?

  • Benefits mother-heroine has.

    If the mother has 5 and more children, then the state promises it out of turn, and sometimes provides housing from social housing.

    Children will be able to study at universities for free.

    Such mothers are paid a pension for services to the country (in this case, Ukraine).

    But not everything is as simple as they say. Many mothers-heroines are waiting for the promised years.

  • If the family has more than five children, then the state is free housing. The same law applies to a mother who brings up three children without a husband.

    Children from large families (from 5 and more children) have the right to study in universities on a budget department, if they are written off to the age of 18 to 23 years.

    If the mother raised five children before the age of six, she was entitled to a pension for services to the state.

    If we talk about financial rewards for the birth of a child, then in Ukraine, the mother-heroine has a one-time financial reward in 10-fold.

    By the way, the status of "mother-heroine" is received not only by a woman who has given birth to 5 or more children, but also officially adopted them.

  • First of all, let's define the definition - mother of heroin. And this is a woman who gave birth and raised 10 or more children. But this formulation and order have been around since the times of the USSR era. Now it is not clear whether there is an order "Mother Heroine" in Russia, it seems today it is being replaced by the order of "Parental Glory".

    But mothers with many children (who do not have the title of "heroine") include all women with 3 or more children.

    There are also women who have been awarded the Medal of Motherhood, these are women who have given birth to 5 and 6 children (the medal has 2 degrees).

    Women who gave birth and brought up 7, 8, and 9 children are awarded the Order of Maternity.

    What benefits does the mother-heroine have?

  • I once talked with such a mother from Moscow, she has 8 children, she said that her family was given a good large apartment, and not on the outskirts, they offered a summer cottage in the region, they gave a minibus for use, which is very convenient, because in a passenger car the car does not fit the whole family.

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