What are the reviews about the movie "The Key to All Doors"?

What are the reviews of the movie "The Key to All Doors"?

  • "The Skeleton Key" is a very unexpected mystical thriller, which for some reason is considered a horror genre. However, for a classic horror movie there is not enough gore with a meat grinder, monsters, werewolves, zombies and other gruesome stuff. Although in that case, I would not watch this film. The film is dedicated to the transmigration of souls through the magic of huddu (not voodoo, namely huddu).

    The young unmarried nurse Caroline, an orphan (which means that no one will look for her, in which case) was tired of the deceit and hypocrisy of her employees and quit the hospice, deciding to become a nurse. In general, she moves to a God-forsaken hole in Louisiana, because she wants to help people + seduces the salary (1000 bucks a week). In general, she meets a mischievous and terrible old woman (Gina Rowlands), whose husband is a paralyzed cripple, a dear old man who, in fact, is not a grandfather at all. You sincerely regret him, realizing what the spell of the two sorcerers turned him into. Then a slightly prolonged plot unfolds ...

    Most pleased with Kate Hudson in an unusual role for herself. I didn’t think that she is such a deep dramatic actress who so gets used to the role, plays with her face, facial expressions, intonations. You believe her, you sincerely sympathize with her heroine and constantly want to ask: "What the hell did you get into this damn attic? What didn't you sit in the room?", "Why didn't the dismissal of five previous nurses alert you?" Do you really have no instinct for self-preservation? "

    But Caroline is so kind and compassionate, she decides by all means to snatch the unfortunate old man from the hands of the evil witch, which is why she herself gets entangled in the web of witchcraft intrigues.

    Most of all, I was shocked by the story of the previous tenants of the seditious house, who, instead of two hoodoo sorcerers, hanged their own children without knowing it. In general, see for yourself, I will not reveal all the cards.

    And the house itself is a separate topic. The garden around is like paradise. You wonder how soon the old woman manages to take care of him alone? The house is the exact opposite: gloomy, dim, mirrors are hung everywhere (at the end, the intrigue unravels and the viewer becomes clear why) ... And even a suspicious room in the attic. After all, the mistress gives Carrie a universal key that fits all doors except these ... Caroline thinks that the secret of the house is hidden behind the secret doors, but no, this is only the beginning of an ominous, intricate plot.

    The very feature of the "Key" is its ending, which will put everything in its place. You will understand what's what, but you will not see the expected happy ending, although it is not foreseen in the horror film. Personally, the denouement of the film shocked me so much (with my heightened sense of justice) that I could not come to my senses for a couple of days, and the last frame with the ominous music stood before my eyes.

    Eh ... It’s a pity they didn’t shoot the sequel ... I so wanted the bastards to get what they deserved, and the goodies to get rid of the nightmare "imprisonment".

    "The Key to All Doors" is an example of a film in which evil triumphs over good.

  • I liked it very much. The atmosphere of voodoo mysticism is well shown. It's a pity I don't know about similar films anymore.

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