When will the 3 season show the Carrier? When is the premiere 1 series?

When will the 3 season show the Carrier? When is the premiere 1 series?

  • Сериал "Carrier" directed director Brad Turner.

    According to the genre, this film is attributed to militants, criminal films.

    Fans of this genre of films could watch the 1st and 2nd seasons of the "Carrier" series.

    The premiere of the 3 season of this multi-part film is scheduled for 2016 year.

    Studio Astral Television said that the show 3 seasons of the series "Carrier" will be held in October 2016 year.

  • The third season of the series The carrier is supposed to be shown this year in autumn, the shooting of the third season lasted two years. This series about the former commando, who carries cargo, and sometimes banned, as a result of the special forces in great danger.

  • The series called "Carrier" fell in love with many viewers and its genre of crime thriller. Its director is well-known - Brad Turner. And fans of this film have already watched its two seasons, the first and the second, and are now waiting for the third season.

    Which will take place in the autumn of this year, and it is promised that this will be in October.

    This series is Canadian and it's a story that is dedicated to Frank Martin.

    So fans of this film in the fall will be able to watch its continuation and the third season was shot for a long time, almost two years.

    There is a trailer for the third season and you can see it here.

  • To date, the Carrier fans have seen the 2 season.

    In the first season there were 12 series, whereas in the second one too 12

    Transporter fans are wondering - will there be Season 3?

    The news is good - there will be season 3 and there is even an exact date

    3 season of this popular series will be released Autumn 2016 year

    You can watch the output of the series right here

    PS: I enjoyed both seasons, so I'll see the third one)

  • Serial Carrier: continued

    Still not soon we will see the continuation of the popular TV series "Carrier". The Canadian production project is another adaptation of the stories about Frank Martin, and is based on the films of Luc Besson.

    The pilot series started in 2013 and in the first season the spectator could see the 12 series. On the eighth of October 2014 year comes the second season in which the same 12 series. Later, there were rumors that there would be no 3 season. So will or not 3 season?

    Studio Astral Television, at one of the briefings, announced the release date of the new season.

    Carrier 3 will be released in October 2016 - details

    When will the 3 season show the Carrier? When is the premiere 1 series?

    When will the 3 season show the Carrier? When is the premiere 1 series?

  • Fans of crime fighters, as well as fans of the films "Carrier" with Jason Statham, were delighted with the release of a series based on these films. The first episode was released in 2012 TV series "Carrier", the main role in which is performed by Chris Vance.

    In 2014, we saw the 2 season, and now we are waiting for the release of the third season. Logically 3 season should appear in 2016 year, that is, in 2 year after the release of the second. This was confirmed by the information of the studio, which is shooting.

    Previously, this will happen in October, at the beginning or the end is not yet known.

  • 56-year-old Luc Besson, who knows a lot about rating tapes, is the creator of the popular TV series "Carrier", which first appeared on screens three half years ago.

    Since that moment, the light has seen two seasons, which in total include twenty-four series.

    It is known that the third season is coming, the premiere of which will be held in the spring of 2016.

  • The release of the third season of the popular TV series "Carrier" is expected in 2015. The exact release date of the first and subsequent episodes of the third season of the series has not yet been reported in open sources, it is only known that there will be a continuation)

  • Season 3 of the series "Carrier" is sure to be. The approximate release date for this season will be November 2015. And the series will definitely be in good quality and we will all enjoy the good acting.


  • Two seasons of the crime series "Carrier" have already been released.

    The series had fairly high ratings. Therefore, filming a sequel is beneficial for producers.

    The first part was released in 2012, the second season - in 2014.

    The third part is planned for autumn 2016 year. To be more precise, then in October.

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