Who plays on the Luna series? Actors of the TV series "Moon"?

Who plays on the Luna series? Actors of the TV series "Moon"?

  • Not much is known about the detective series with elements of mysticism "Luna", which is being filmed for showing on the STS channel. The series began filming in early spring 2014. The details are kept secret. It is known that Lydia Velezheva, the wife of the excellent actor Alexei Guskov and actor Anatoly Kot, are being filmed. Also starred Daria Novoseltseva, Anton Filippenko, Makar Zaporozhsky, Yulia Chiplieva, Denis Varenov

  • In the new television series "The Moon" from the director Nikolai Sarkisov, a good cast has been selected on the TV channel. The following actors and actresses played in this series:

    Law enforcement officers

    Who plays on the Luna series? Actors of the TV series "Moon"?

    Lyceum students

    Who plays on the Luna series? Actors of the TV series "Moon"?

    Residents of Starokamensk

    Who plays on the Luna series? Actors of the TV series "Moon"?

  • In the TV series "Luna" on STS, many actors play major and minor roles. There are more than thirty of them, not counting the episodic roles. I'll tell you about the leading actors and about the actors who are already remembered by the audience.

    The role of Ekaterina Panina, the mother of the main character Nastya, played Lidia Velezheva. In the story, the Panins family comes to a small town where Nastya's father dies.

    Actors of the series Luna Lydia Velezheva

    Actually, the deceased father of Nastya Panina is actor Anatoly Kot, which often appears in TV series on STS. For example, he starred in "Margosh".

    Anatoly Kot actors of the series Moon

    Nastya Panina in the TV series Luna is young actress Daria Novoseltseva. We have not seen her in the series before, this is Daria’s debut.

    Actors of the series Luna Daria Novoseltseva

    Igor Demidov is actor Makar Zaporizhzhya... Filmed in "Molodezhka" on STS.

    Actors of the series Luna Makar Zaporizhzhya

    One of the roles (namely, Artyom) will be played by the well-known to many from the TV series "Fizruk" Daniel (Danila) Vakhrushev.

    Daniil Vakhrushev Goofy

    In addition, among the actors of the "Moon" series, one can see Andrey Stoyanov from the "Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse" series, Elina Gaiman, Christina Brodskaya and others.

  • If this

    main characters

    Alex OLoklin Mick St. John, private investigator and Xnumx-year-old vampire. Unlike many other vampires, Mick refuses to part with his humanity and never attacks a person for no reason. Blood is drunk exclusively from donors or bought from a vampire Guillermo, a pathologist working in the morgue.

    Sophia Miles Beth Trner, an online news reporter on the Buzz Wire website, charming, curious and enterprising, survived a kidnapping in her childhood, which she vaguely remembers, but does not forget how much she could lose. Not a year has been close relations with Josh, who works in the office of the district attorney. Her measured life changes when she meets an interesting man who intrigues him in his strange way as a hero knight who hides his essence. He has a weakness for Mick St. John, with each episode smoothly flowing into a passionate affection.

    Jason Doring Joseph Costan, four hundred year old vampire and best friend and mentor of Mick. Unlike Mick, Joseph does not neglect luxury and even has his own harem of beautiful women who are more than happy to satisfy his thirst for blood. Joseph also does not have such strict moral restrictions as Mick.

    Shannin Sossamon of Coraline Duvall, Mick's ex-wife, who made him a vampire. French courtesan from the XVIII century, the World Cup is evidenced by the stigma on the back in the form of Flère de Lys. Mick for a long time believed that he killed E. But Coraline then returned as a man, claiming that she had found a cure for vampirism. He is a descendant of King Louis XVI on the vampire line.

    Minor characters edit source code

    Jacob Vargas Guillermo Gasol, works in the morgue and supplies the vampires with the blood that he pumps from the corpses.

    Brian Jay White Lieutenant Carl Davis, one of Beth's contacts and Mick's friend.

    Jordan Belfey Josh Lindsey, the Beth guy who works in the district attorney's office, is killed by one of the bandits who kidnapped him.

    Tami Roman Maureen Williams, Beth's boss in Buzz Wire, is killed by a vampire due to one of e investigations

    Kevin Wiseman Steve Balfour, friend Beth and f colleague at Buzz Wire.

    David Blue Logan Griffen, a vampire, a computer hacker whom Mick often turns to for help.

    Eric Winter Benjamin Talbot, assistant district attorney who offered Beth a job as a civilian investigator.

  • A very exciting and interesting series that has managed to gain its fans. Below is the full cast of the Luna TV series on STS. Basically, more than half of the list of actors we meet in each episode and have long been loved.

    Who plays on the Luna series? Actors of the TV series "Moon"?

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